Top Dating Tips for Women

If you want the best dating tips as a woman and you want to take control over your life, then it’s time to focus on what to do and what not to do. Believe it or not, some of the things that you do which you feel are positive may actually be scaring him away!

The reality is that as women we tend to be “pleasers”. We want to make him happy, and often this comes at a cost to our own happiness. When we’re dating we want to put your best foot forward and we often feel that comes in the way of putting aside everything that we want for ourselves.

Being the woman that is always available may seem like a really admirable and attractive trait, but it can actually be the recipe to dating disaster. So if you’re tired of finding frustration rather than love, then it’s time to change your ways and focus on what will make you both happy.

You have to be True to yourself first and foremost

What you must realize is that he wants a woman who knows what she wants. He wants a woman who feels good about herself and that has substance to her. Sure the physical attraction is of course part of the equation, but it’s not the only thing. If you are the type of woman that can maintain the life that she has and still make him a priority, then you are going to win him over every single time. It’s all about balance and sometimes making him work for things a little bit more.

It may be a matter of reconditioning yourself and relearning what the best dating tips are, but once you do then you have nothing but happiness ahead.

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You want to know what not to do and therefore ensure that you are not partaking in any of the dating “no no’s”. Then you want to be sure that you know what all the right things are and therefore focus on the best possible dating tips. Once you find that balance, you will be lucky in love and control your overall dating destiny.

The Don’ts to Ensure that you Refrain from Scaring Him Away

Think of your dating past and consider what you feel hasn’t been working for you. There are sure to be some patterns that have ended up in relationship sabotage, and this is what you need to focus on.

This doesn’t mean that you dwell on the past, but you do learn from it and then turn things around to ensure you never make these mistakes again. Here we look at the true dating don’ts that we’ve all likely been a part of in the past, but we can learn to avoid moving forward.

Don’t make things too easy for him

This is a big mistake that most of us can learn to avoid in the future. If you cater to him and do everything possible to make his life easier, this can actually turn him away.

You may have great intentions, but he feels suffocated. Sure you want to show him that he’s a priority and make him happy, but don’t let things come too easily for him. If he doesn’t feel that you are a challenge at all then he’s not interested, and it pays to remember that.

Don’t give up your life for him or become too dependent on him

So many of us give up on everything that we knew before we starting dating him. Don’t give up on your hobbies, your routine, or most especially your friends.

You may think that this is a positive thing for you are dropping everything for him. He will instead feel that you are too dependent upon him, and that will scare him enough to run away as fast as he can!

Don’t be too high maintenance or needy

He doesn’t want to feel as though he has to “babysit” you when you’re out in public. Don’t be that woman that is too high maintenance or needy, for this is a huge turnoff. You want him to find you intriguing but if you require too much then he won’t want to get to know the other aspect of who you are.

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Don’t force him to give up any aspect of his life

If you try to inundate him with plans so that he can’t see his friends, he won’t want anything to do with you. If you try to force him into giving up on the things that he enjoys, even if you feel that you are being subtle, this will always end badly.

Be the woman who is understanding about him having a life and enjoy your own in the process!

Don’t pressure him about the future consistently

With some women this can start early and become a really problematic pattern. If things are going well then leave them alone, don’t always be focused on the future.

It’s not always necessary to focus on the next step, for sometimes just being happy with where you’re at can make for a much better relationship in the end.

The Do’s that will help you to Win Him Over

Just as important as the things to avoid doing, you want to be sure that you are engaging in the following behavior. If you want to change your luck around then be sure that you do the following and that you always work to strike that balance that is required in successful dating moving forward.

Do be slightly mysterious and keep him guessing a little bit

Men want to be kept on their toes and they do love a challenge. Be sure that you leave something to the imagination for it keeps him coming back. The more that you can keep him guessing, the more intrigued he will be. This is fun for you and it keeps him interested in you moving forward, so it’s a true win win!

Do be confident for this is the most attractive trait

Be the type of woman that can take a complement. Be the woman who can be in tune with what makes yourself a great catch. Know what your best traits are and embrace them, for confidence is very attractive to men.

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This isn’t to be confused with being conceited, but rather just being a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. You feel good about yourself and that’s already a benefit, and he wants to get to know what makes you such a great woman so it’s a wonderful practice to get into.

Do be sure that you are always supportive and respectful

He needs your respect and support like you need his love. Men need this to help them to feel validated and it starts very early in the relationship. Don’t give up everything to support him, but do be sure that your respect is something that he can come to depend upon—this will pay off big time!

Do keep the romance and connection alive in the relationship

No matter what stage of the relationship you are at, be sure that you keep intimacy as a true priority. Always work to keep the passion and romance alive, and don’t stop trying.

Though this of course develops over time, be sure that you make this a priority in your relationship and keep the passion alive and well always.

Do still enjoy your life even outside of him, hold onto who you have been all this time

Be yourself, do the things that make you happy, and enjoy a healthy dose of independence. Yes he’s a priority and you want to make the relationship work, but it’s healthy for you to both have separate interests. Embrace them as a part of who you are and know that the right man will appreciate this!

If you want to enjoy dating again then be sure to avoid the don’ts and focus on the right ways to keep the magic alive. No matter what point you are at in the relationship, you can always find happiness if you stay true to who you are.

Keep him on his toes and above all be happy with the woman that you are—and this will all lead to lasting happiness and a dating life that you can be happy with forever more!