Healthier Relationships – The Alphabet for Lasting Love

Relationships are the bread and butter of life itself, so where better to start than our A to Z’s? Often self explanatory, this guide runs through some crucial words that should be essential ingredients in any romantic relationship.

There are of course many other words that could be included but a solid platform should be achievable with the following:

A. Acceptance – There is little point in running through the remaining 25 letters if this word isn’t present. If you don’t accept each other then you really don’t have a relationship to speak of. Adoration On the other hand if you adore each other, you have plenty of potential and lots to work with.

Apologies – Apologies are fundamental to any relationship and saying sorry (if you mean it) can be a powerful act of love.

B. Belief – Hand in hand with acceptance, if you don’t believe in your partner, why are you together in the first place?

C. Communication – Sometimes known as talking, if this is present and active in your relationship then your chances of success are promising.

Chocolate – Ok this might not promote healthier bodies but chocolate has a way of soothing all kinds of other ills!

D. Devotion – I did say some of these were obvious didn’t I? However, devotion can be shown in many areas, for example, devotion of time and devotion of interest.

E. Energy, Effort – These words are relationship twins and should always be holding hands. If your partner sees that you are putting in the effort it is more likely he or she will respond with similar energy.

F. Friendship – If you can’t be friends then really what’s the point? It’s not going to be fun for anyone and so a lack of friendship is never going to promote healthier relationships.

Forgiveness – this is the cousin of apologies and if you are unable to forgive, especially small things, then bitterness and loneliness are the likely result. Of course some things are harder to forgive than others and will require greater effort.

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G. Gracious – If you know you are in error with something, admit it and be gracious about it. It will make everything much, much easier and is likely to be contagious.

H. Humour – A sense of humour varies from person to person but if you are able to laugh at yourselves as well as each other then this can be a life saver and can pull many a situation out of the fire.

I. Identity – It is important that you both respect each others identity. If you have made it this far then surely you liked something about your partner’s identity in the first place. Don’t try to prevent them being unique and themselves, it will just build resentment if you do.

J. Joy – This word may not always be an ever present even in the healthiest relationships, as life can often be difficult and traumatic but it is far more likely to be experienced if the rest of your love alphabet is in place.

K. Knowing – Truly loving is truly knowing. Take time and know your partner inside out. This will give you abilities, strength and team spirit beyond your imagination.

L. Love – If you are familiar or are getting familiar with all these words, then it is likely you possess love, the humdinger of all words!

Laughter – Laughing together is a great sign that you are comfortable together and know each other well. If possible always keep laughter around.

M. Mutual – It is likely and healthy that you and your partner will have separate pursuits but to keep things balanced it is also important to share mutual interests. Find your common ground and spend time exploring it together.

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N. New – No matter how long you have been together there are always new things to do or new things to discover. As long as you work as a team and take your steps mutually then new can be exciting and invigorating.

O. Open – Some will say that mystery and mystique can be a magical attraction and indeed this can be true especially in the early days. However, if you are a closed book and play all your cards close to your chest then the “K” word, knowing, will be really difficult to achieve, so be open with your partner, let them in.

P. Patience – If some of the words are proving a bit of a struggle, be patient. Love is patient. Once you have established that you love someone, this is probably the most important word in the love alphabet. Patience also provides Proof that you are committed to the long haul.

Q. Quiet – In a world full of noise, quiet can be a rare commodity and if you can be comfortable in each others quiet moments you will learn even more about each other.

R. Respect – This, like acceptance is a “beginning” word first and foremost. You should respect the person you plan to share a relationship with before you even go there. Once established it is likely you will also find new amounts of respect as you get to know all the great things about your loved one.

S. Sensitivity – There is an abundance of “S” words that could be used here, including Shopping! Sensitivity though can be the miraculous string that ties all the other words together. Being sensitive to your partners every need and desire will allow you to walk in step and in tune.

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T. Truth – Trust These words cannot really be separated, as often the first breeds the second. The more truthful your relationship the more likely there will be deep wells of trust also.

U. Unity – You will not always agree on everything and that is healthy and normal but if you can stand united when it matters most or when you are challenged from the outside then you will make a strong and powerful team and couple.

V. Versatile – There may be things your partner is interested in that don’t fill you with the same enthusiasm but if you can learn to at least politely tolerate these things then you are much more likely to have the favour returned.

W. Wow – You have probably heard the term ” Wow factor” and one dictionary describes wow as, “An exclamation of admiration, amazement, etc”. Let your partner know you admire them and are amazed by them. Compliment your lover as often as you can. This will breed mutual admiration if you are learning the alphabet together.

X. Most words beginning with X describe something technical or scientific and are a nightmare for meaningful alphabet lists so how about we just use X’s as kisses because there really should be a lot of them in your relationship!

Y. Yearning – When you love deeply and are away from your partner for any length of time you will find yourself missing them, wanting them, needing them, Yearning for them.

Z. Zeal, Zest – After travelling through the whole alphabet you may find yourself a little worn out or exhausted. It’s ok to have breather and relax into each others arms and souls but try to never lose the zeal and zest as you continue the adventure of your life together