14 Bad Habits Impacting your Business as an Entrepreneur

these habits hurt your business as Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur,it is important to identify the habits that may be holding you back, so you can address them and start taking steps towards achieving your goals. In this blog post, we’ll talk about a few habits that might be seriously hurting your business as an entrepreneur. These 20 negative habits that are preventing … Read more

What to do when the Child you’re Babysitting won’t listen

dealing with a child who won't listen

This article aims to cover how you can deal with a child who won’t listen, with tips on how to figure out what they need when they won’t cooperate. First, kids will listen to you if they respect you. To gain their respect, you’ll need to show them that you’re capable of handling things without … Read more

How Can Divorce Affect a Child Positively

benefits of parental divorce on kids

Divorce can have a positive impact on children because they are being freed from unhealthy family life. This allows them to have more choices in life which often results in a more happier and fulfilled adulthood for them. The effects of divorce on children tend to be mixed, but mainly negative. This is due to … Read more

Can Parents Divorce Cause PTSD in a Child ?

Can a child get PTSD from divorce

Children who experience parental divorce often develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the breakup. The effects of divorce on children can be substantial and long-lasting. Children with divorced parents often experience significant emotional and behavioral problems, such as depression, anxiety, anger, and aggression. The impact of parental divorce on children is very … Read more

The Daily Life of an Entrepreneur : 5 Things to Consider Before Starting your Business

Daily Life of an Entrepreneur : 5 Things to Consider Before Starting your Business

Creating a business is a great adventure: becoming your own boss, being able to choose who to work with, creating value for yourself … However, future entrepreneurs must also be aware that the daily life of the entrepreneur is not easy to manage. Modern Woman HQ therefore educates you, without wanting to discourage you, on … Read more

Feeling Lost as a Stay at Home Mom! – 7 Tips to Feel Fulfilled as a SAHM

being fulfilled as a SAHM

Those who choose to look after their children full time know that it’s a really difficult social position to assume. Here are 8 tips to keep up with the situation and fully assume your new role as a stay-at-home mom! According to some studies, working mothers are in better shape than those who have chosen … Read more

Career Success: 12 Tips to Become more Successful at Work

professional career success

For many of us, a successful professional career is a lifelong goal. Like personal growth, career success leads to happiness, well-being and satisfaction. Achieving your goals requires going through different stages, doing some work on yourself, questioning yourself, valuing your potential and going beyond your limits. In order to analyze these stages and understand this … Read more