3 Outrageous Self Motivation Techniques that Work

3 Self Motivation Techniques that Work

Self motivation techniques are mostly of the “rah-rah” cheerleader type, but sometimes, all the passion and wisdom we get from the teachers isn’t enough. Sometimes it takes a little drama to get our attention, doesn’t it? All the motivation techniques we use work, given the right set of circumstances. But if you’re feeling stuck on … Read more

Ways to Increase your Self Motivation

top ways to improve self motivation

Motivation is simply any force that inspires or otherwise prompts a person to take action, accomplish tasks or achieve certain goals. For instance, an approaching storm provides motivation to take cover. A manager may use incentives to motivate employees to work hard. A person may visualize his or her goals in order to motivate him … Read more

8 Ways to Stay Positive in Life

discover how you can stay positive all the time

I have always found the topic of staying or returning to a positive state to be interesting because there are so many different ways of approaching feelings of negative. I feel that although being a part of some of the most social networks via the internet can be fulfilling,one can also feel kinda empty when … Read more

Understanding the Causes of Procrastination

Causes of Procrastination

Beating your problem with procrastination begins with determining the causes of procrastination. What are some of the reasons why you miss deadlines and are constantly rushing to complete tasks? Your issues with putting things off are as unique as you are and very often your reasons for procrastinating will be specific to you. However there … Read more