Feeling Lost as a Stay at Home Mom! – 7 Tips to Feel Fulfilled as a SAHM

being fulfilled as a SAHM

Those who choose to look after their children full time know that it’s a really difficult social position to assume. Here are 8 tips to keep up with the situation and fully assume your new role as a stay-at-home mom! According to some studies, working mothers are in better shape than those who have chosen … Read more

Toddler Development Stages – 18 Month to 3 Year Old Developmental Milestones

toddler 18 Month to 3 Year Old Developmental Milestones

Wondering if your toddler’s development is on track? Toddler development can be grouped into four areas: language & communication, physical, cognitive, and social & emotional development. Toddlers will develop individually but should generally master milestones by certain ages. The charts below give developmental milestones of 18 month olds, 2 year olds, and 3 year olds. … Read more

Ways to Encourage your Toddler to Talk

Ways to Encourage your Toddler to Talk

Looking for ways to help your toddler speak more often, or would you like to help expand your child’s vocabulary? Scroll down for seven techniques to help your toddler talk. Read with your Toddler Books help expose your toddler to words he/she may not otherwise hear in a normal day, and books also have pictures. … Read more

How to Negotiate with Children

how to negotiate with kids

Negotiation is a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. We negotiate some of the most important aspects of our lives: our homes, jobs and even our friendships. It is then unsurprising that we will go on to negotiate with our children. Children are negotiation experts; they have nothing to lose and … Read more