When You Should Give Your Child A Smartphone?


When it comes to introducing new technology, many parents opt for waiting until a child is old enough to understand the basics of the technology before they allow their children to use it. However, research shows that it’s better to introduce technology early on—as young as three years old. What do you do if you’ve … Read more

10 Ways to Motivate Your Teen to Clean Their Room


What will you do if your teenager doesn’t clean their room? Well, you can’t make them, but you can show them how to… Here are some ways to motivate your teen to clean their room, but first, you’re going to have to figure out how to deal with their mess. Every parent knows that one … Read more

7 Science-Based Tips to Make Your Teen Sleep Better


Most parents worry about their children’s bedtime battles—and for good reason. It can be stressful, exhausting, and downright difficult to get them to sleep. You’re not doing your teen any favors if you don’t get enough sleep. And yet, even if you’re a parent, chances are that you’re guilty of letting your own sleep patterns … Read more

How To Handle The Terrible 3s Of Your Child


When it comes to being a parent, the words that pop into your mind might be “good”, “bad” and “terrible”. But when it comes to having a child, the words that come to mind are probably the opposite. These three things, however, should never be avoided. They are simply part of every parent’s life. Do … Read more

Follow These Atomic Habits For Better Parenting 


When it comes to having a successful parenting life, there are three things that matter most. They are consistency, discipline, and consistency. The biggest mistake that parents make when raising their children is to try to control them. It’s like trying to control a wild animal. You can’t. You can apply atomic habits for better … Read more

Child Development: 8 Years Old Maturity Level


It’s important to develop a mindset that will help you manage time, energy, and thoughts better, and lead you towards the things you really want in life. It’s hard to know if you have good time management skills. You might be the most organized person you know. But, is your schedule flexible? What about your … Read more