The Curse of Being a Competitive Mom

Being a Competitive Mom

It started innocently enough. My husband and I signed our son up for soccer at the age of three. Our son was a one of those natural athletes. He scored six goals in one game once. He was the kid that the coach put in to get the lead, then he would be stuck in … Read more

Discipline or Punishment? What really works?

Discipline Or Punishment? What Really Works

In order to better understand the difference between discipline, and punishment lets evaluate them. Discipline Disciplining is about teaching your teen right from wrong in a positive way with a definite emphasis on nurturing, and guidance. When disciplining a teen, you are relating to them, and how their misbehaviour has consequences. By doing this, you … Read more

Healthier Relationships – The Alphabet for Lasting Love

Alphabet for Lasting Love and Letters for Romance

Relationships are the bread and butter of life itself, so where better to start than our A to Z’s? Often self explanatory, this guide runs through some crucial words that should be essential ingredients in any romantic relationship. There are of course many other words that could be included but a solid platform should be … Read more

5 Things to Wear During a Change of Season

Things to Wear During a Change of Season

After a carefree summer of cotton capris and breezy sundresses, it’s exciting to get back into some serious fall clothes. But no sooner have you tucked away your summer wardrobe, when the weather takes a crazy turn from cool to sweltering. What the heck do you wear when it’s hot as summer one day and … Read more

How to Get Motivated to Exercise (and Lose Weight)

How to Get Motivated to Exercise

Starting an exercise or weight loss program is easy! I bet you’ve done it dozens of times. The problem comes with maintaining that motivation long enough to start seeing results. We always seem to start with such high hopes and expectations, but within a few days we find ourselves skipping the gym and sitting in … Read more