The Average Cost of getting Divorced in the United States

Divorce is the ultimate decision taken by couples who find their marital relationships no more working in significant manner. The failure of married lives can be resulted due to various reasons like infidelity of the partner, financial issues or several personal matters.

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It is highly important for you to be aware with all relevant terms and regulations defined in laws and policies section particularly of your state.
The entire process can be considered as a costly affair for both the parties if the conditions between them are highly complicated. No matter, divorce is a painful phase and leads to various stressful moments for related individuals.

Meanwhile, person needs to pay attention to some other crucial aspects as well. The estimation of total cost of your legal process is one of the most important sections required to be considered.
There are several practices included in overall procedures which demands expenditure of definite amount for establishing that work.

Factors affecting total cost of divorce

The complete process can easily prove to be a costly affair if it includes various unsolved issues such as property or debt distribution between both the partners, unsolved child custody or support issues, child visitation matter and settlement of alimony payment amount and likewise.

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As a result, related professionals or experts in this field are positively consulted and valid suggestions are obtained.
The total cost of legal process is broadly categorized into two parts of attorney charges and other court related expenses. However, in the case where you or your spouse is the sole bread earner then you or your partner may ask to pay the attorney fee of other respective spouse as well. Such decisions are mainly announced by court house of the state.

Here we are mentioning some of the major factors, which greatly affects the total cost of this process for you and your spouse:

Type of divorce

The total cost of the process very much depends upon the divorce type and condition that exists between both the partners. Such as, if both the partners agree with most of important issues then they may need to pay lesser amount in terms of attorney consultation fee or other professionals fees.
The uncontested or no-fault cases are the forms where lesser expenditure can be experienced as most of the issues are mutually agreed by both the partners.

Expenditure through attorney fees

During legal proceedings, the higher fee structure of an attorney is the most costliest affair associated with divorce process. The attorney or lawyer’s fees is generally higher as they help their clients through understanding overall legal rights and policies defined particularly for various steps involved in the process.

Unsolved child custody issue

Some serious issues such as child custody or support matters between two partners is considered to be highly essential and crucial. However, if child related issues are not be solved by spouses then they may require to consult other professionals as well such as psychiatrist or counselors for your children and yourself in order to know the personal interest of your child regarding their stay with specific parent or visitation matters.

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Consultation with other financial specialists

There are possibilities that if large financial property or debt exist between both the partners, then the attorney may require to take the help of other financial specialists or analyst to understand the fair distribution or share from partner’s pension facility.
The legal distribution of larger financial amount needs the assistance of such financial analysts or specialist in major way.

Expenditure through maintaining divorce papers

The maintenance of several copies of legal papers including latest update of your case, also demands expenditure from both the parties. One complete copy of documents is positively required to be presented in front of the court house for judge’s consideration.

Long terms financial lifestyle issues

The financial lifestyle issues especially after getting separation from respective partners may require either of two partners to provide financial support in terms of alimony payment amount and likewise. Consequently, it helps another partner to maintain his or her lifestyle even after getting the permission of separation.

Expenditure through court house fees

Apart from spending a lot of money through attorney or counselor’s fees, you and your spouse are also required to pay general legal charges in the court house of your state.

So what is the Average Cost of Divorce in the US?

The cost of divorce in the United States of America ranges from USD 10,000 to USD 20,000, which comes around an average USD 15,000. This may vary depending upon the condition and the time taken to end the case.

  • The fees structure for contested divorce lies between USD 600 to USD 800
  • The fees structure for un-contested divorce lies between USD 500 to USD 1000, but it is further classified as per different conditions, such as:
  • If the divorce includes No retirement, No children and No real estates, then it may cost around USD 500
  • If the divorce include children, then the fees might come around USD 800 and the same goes with the real estates
  • If the divorce includes both children and real estates, then it may cost around USD 900
  • If the divorce includes retirement, children and real estates, then it may cost around USD 1000
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In the end, the total cost of any divorce process entirely depends upon the quotient of agreement between both the parties. If most of the issues are jointly finalized then lesser cost condition can be experienced by both the parties.