10 Secrets that Men Try Hard to Hide from Women

Men are good secret-keepers. There may be a number of areas of his life and traits of his personality that he would love to keep as secrets. These secrets may come out as surprise for you, but your man may cite valid reasons to keeping them hidden.

Here is a discussion about the common 10 things that he may hide from you out of shyness, insecurity, shame or for any other reason.

His Sexual Lust

Men are capable of thinking about sex 24 hours a day. In fact, your man might be yearning to engage in a lovemaking session each day of the week.

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However, he might not want to show his hunger for your body out of shame. You can easily make it out from his talks and body language.

His Habit to Masturbate

No matter from how many years they have been doing it, most of the men don’t get tired of masturbating.

Even if you maintain a healthy sexual life with him, your man would still perform his private affair.

Masturbation introduces men to the sexual pleasure and they find it difficult to leave the habit. At the same time, they don’t wish to reveal it to their partners.

His Love for Porn

Just like masturbation, porn-watching is an addictive habit for men. It doesn’t mean that your boyfriend is not sexually satisfied with you, but watching porn may be one of his favorite pastimes.

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Pornography helps men to live their wild and crazy fantasies. Moreover, it is their natural instinct to maintain privacy about this habit of theirs.

His Friends’ Characters

It is common for women to disapprove of the male friends of their boyfriends. This usually enforces men to hide secrets about the friends with whom they share strong bonding.

Your man may not like you to know about the bad habits of his friends, simply to preserve their friendships.

His Admiration for Other Women

Men find it difficult to get attracted towards women. Your man may not like to reveal if he secretly admires another woman for her physical beauty, success or for any other reason.

Simple admiration for other women is not a matter to worry about. However, you must try to keep an eye on his involvement with other females in his life.

His Professional Incompetency

Another common trait of men’s personality is to hide his professional difficulties. Even if he is facing a rough phase at job, he would not like to disclose it.

The simple reason for this behavior is that men don’t wish to show their weaknesses and failures to the women they love.

His Family Secrets

There may be many secrets about his family members that he will never bring in front of you. For instance, the ongoing issues between his parents or illegal involvements of his siblings are the things that he is least likely to share with you.

His Insecurities for You

If you are a good-looking woman, your man may find himself in the state of insecurity. Men usually get anxious about whether they actually deserve the women they are dating with.

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You can easily guess his insecurities about his looks, wealth and other things that matter a lot in the relationship. However, you can never expect him to talk about his fears and insecurities.

His Suspicion for You

Men are quite concerned about their women talking to other men around. He may secretly suspect you and might scroll through your cell phone or social network profiles. But, he will never have the courage to show signs of his suspecting nature.

His Conversation with Ex-flame

There are chances that your boyfriend’s ex re-enters in his life. He might be talking to his ex-flame on regular basis, without wishing to let you know even a bit about it. However, it is difficult to tell whether he will cheat on you or not.

Some of these reasons are bothersome, while other should not affect your relationship with him. If he is showing discomfort or slight changes in his behavior, you should be the first one to approach him and convince him to share the thing troubling him.