How much Sex is too much? Sex Maniacs Warning! is it Normal to get my leg over more than Once?

How much sex is too much? If I’m to be honest I don’t think I’m the right person to be asking this.

How much sex is enough sex? I’m pretty sure not many of you are even bothered with what the answer is, well especially those that’s sex mad. It’s a catch 22 question if you think about it.

You are always going to find the person that doesn’t need sex as often as their partner – thinking that getting their leg over once a week is enough.

But then we have the partner who begs to differ – feeling deprived, and believing nookie should happen at every possible convenience, even when its not convenient if they feel randy.

How many times should two people have sex for it to be considered normal?

For some, sex is a major concern, worrying whether they have to much of it, or not enough. Take a man and woman getting it on with the same frequency – twice weekly.

One may become frustrated because they want more sexual activity, while the other despises the pressure put upon them to give more. Truth of the matter is, we all differ in our needs in the bedroom.

What’s “Normal?”

According to the Kinsey Institute, 18-29 year olds have sex an average of 112 times per year, 30-39 year olds an average of 86 times per year, and 40-49 year olds an average of 69 times per year.

Sex maniacs take heed. Is there such a thing as too much sex? Yes. If it gets in the way of you getting on with your life, or someone else’s, then you have a problem.

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If you fall behind with your responsibilities i.e. having a day of work to masturbate, or go out undercover as a peeping tom when you should be at home baby sitting, then yes most definitely something is amiss.

It’s normal to have sex on the brain if you love it, however, there is the not so normal side too. When sexual doings get to a stage where you have to hide what you do from the law, then it has to stop, and you seek help.

Traits linked with sexual addiction include cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend, unprotected sex, cybersex, prostitution or use of this service, exhibitionism, obsessive dating, internet sex, flashing, voyeurism, stalking, sexual harassment, constant use of pornography, or rape.

All these should set alarm bells ringing. If you can hold your hand up to any one of these being part of your life be careful, because some come with a jail sentence if found out.

How much sex is enough sex? As long as the antics you get up to between the sheets with your partner is something you both enjoy, and doesn‘t interfere with anyone else, then I‘d be inclined to say keep on doing what you are doing.

You can never get enough of a good thing…fact. Of course if one or the other is displeased with the sex, then you need to investigate why to keep the relationship alive.

There are more failed marriages and couples breaking up due sex problems. Problems are easily sorted, so I suggest you “talk” things through with your sexual partner to find out the reason for their dissatisfaction.

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In some relationships sex is a taboo subject, which is silly. How can two people ever get to know what the other is thinking or feeling by keeping stum.

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I can relate to the embarrassment bit, which makes it difficult for some to talk about something of this nature, however, if you can open up and express your concerns, it could just save your relationship.

If you and your partner disagree about sexual frequency then you need to talk on compromise.

First find out why they don’t want as much sex as you. Also, if you are one for a quick bonk over the kitchen sink or in the back of the car then remember that quickies can be so off putting.

No foreplay you’re having a laugh. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice quality for quantity? Don’t have your partner walk away because of your greed..

How much sex is enough sex? I believe that’s up to you to say and the person who sleeps at your side.

Like I said everyone is different, and as long as you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife are content, and no one’s getting hurt, then get on with it.

Do it as much and as often as you both want, but keep the noise down if others in the house are asleep.

It can be challenging to find the balance between fulfilling your sexual wants, and meeting the needs of another – communication will help you over this hurdle if you speak up.