Leaving no Space for Infidelity

Homo sapiens (us human beings), by nature, are polygamous. In simpler words, we are biologically not designed to live with one sexual partner for our entire lives.

Well, that does explain why men and women alike, the world over, continue to stray from their relationships. However, there are measures that one can take to ensure that one’s partner does not go looking for companionship anywhere besides his/her own bedroom.

Give In

There are numerous instances where men and women get bored of their existing sex lives and this can happen either because they get too little of it, or because their partners are just not interested. So if you want to make sure that your partner stays hooked to you, you can start by giving in every once in a while. This could have you doing things you wouldn’t have thought possible, but hey, if it can be done, then why not.

Also, common knowledge says that an average man’s sexual drive is fairly higher as compared to that of an average woman. So if your man wants to do it more often than you do, doing it would at least ensure that he isn’t going anyplace else to get his ‘needs’ met.

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Similarities Attract

While the saying ‘opposites attract’ does hold true to some extent, make sure you do not take it to heart and start doing everything that your better half dislikes. You could, on the other hand, do things his or her way and see how well that works.

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For instance, if your man likes his music loud, instance of bickering about it, you could turn it up a notch and join in the fun. If your woman likes a long bath, instead of asking her to cut it short, you could jump in yourself.

Do not Condemn

Making your partner feeling inadequate, in bed, in the kitchen, or anywhere else, is a good way to open the door to infidelity. See also: False Signs of Cheating you Need to be Aware of

How would you like it if your partner kept on saying that you aren’t very good at this or that or anything and everything?


A partner that is not appreciated is bound to look for appreciation elsewhere. Remember, everyone likes to feel special and the little things that we take for granted (like a home cooked dinner, a door held open, being picked up from work, etc.) do call for some appreciation. While words are a great way to show your appreciation to your loved one, surprise gifts work wonders too.


A lot of giving without any receiving is the bane of many a relationships that end up in infidelity. There is only so much that one can continue to give without getting anything in return. When there are loads of flowers being showered upon you, you should do your best to give back some tender loving in return.

Remember that at every stage of any relationship, knowing what your partner wants is paramount, and giving it to him or her is even more important, especially if you want to keep infidelity far far away.