Advantages and Disadvantages of an Amicable Divorce

Advantages and Disadvantages of an amicable divorce

Divorce is the term provided to the process which eventually leads to dissolution of marriage between two individuals. Divorce is actually a painful and stressful phase faced by most of the married individuals these days. The inability to remove all differences after countless trials and dissatisfaction from partners for various reasons reflects the complete incompatibility … Read more

What is a No-Fault Divorce?

what is a no-fault-divorce

People do marriages to experience a completely different phase into their lives especially in terms of receiving a lifetime support and create several moments filled with enjoyment and fun. However, in countries like United States, a high increase in divorce rate can be seen from past few decades. Generally, people go for divorce when they … Read more

What are Basic Grounds for Annulment?

What are the reasons for an annulment

People may find some difficulties in their respective married lives after some time. As a result, both the partners take up the final decision of being separated from each other.There are mainly two ways through which you and your spouse can attain the separation. The processes that are implemented are divorce and annulment. One side … Read more

An Overview about the Different Types of Divorce in the United States

the different types of divorce

Divorce has become a common term that we hear everyday. Relationships have become fragile and marriages do not last longer. Divorce definitely means end of marriage, but the approach of the couple towards ending their marriage legally differentiates this process into different types. The reason for a couple getting a divorce varies as per the … Read more

Steps Women go through in the Divorce Process

Steps Women go through in the Divorce Process

As I’m sure you’re finding out, the divorce process is difficult, whether you’re the one filing for divorce, or you’ve just been served with divorce papers. Not only is it hard emotionally, but financially and spiritually as well. The best way to reduce stress in any emotionally charged undertaking is to get educated about what … Read more