8 Different Grounds for Divorce in USA you must Know

Divorce process is considered as one of the most stressful and hurtful situation for any married couple. No matter, divorce process is the only process that is defined under the federal laws for judiciary system.

Every state has its own type of divorce process as per the divorce laws and rights defined for that particular state. At the same time, several formalities are expected to be fulfilled by you and your spouse to get the permission for legal separation form each other.

Before filing for your divorce case in the court, you are required to consider several essential point, which are necessarily needed to be mentioned in your divorce petition document. Similarly, the mentioning of grounds is highly important as they are the main basis considered by the court while conducting any divorce case in the court house.

It is reported that the rate of divorce has greatly increased from past several decades. Especially in United States, there is a list of number of grounds on the basis of which the divorce case is filed in the court.
Here we are providing detailed information regarding grounds of divorce process in United States.

Grounds for Divorce in details

In every state, any divorce case is mainly filed on the basis of some grounds mentioned in the filing document.

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Following are some general grounds followed in United States mentioned below:


Adultery is one of the most common grounds found in most of the divorce case in United States. The adultery ground is mainly taken into consideration when either of two partners do cheating on respective partner by getting involved in extra marital relationship.
Most importantly, the infidelity of any of two individuals is mainly considered by providing particular evidences and proof to the court house. At the same time, the sexual relationship of your partner with another individual is meant to be stated with complete proof of the fact.

2.Separation from each other

The separation between you and your spouse for longer time such as, an year or more, then it can be considered as one of the major grounds while applying for the divorce case in United States.

3.Excessive consumption of alcohol or addiction to Drugs

The involvement of your spouse in particular addiction such as excessive consumption of alcohol or drug intake is one of the major grounds that can be used while filing divorce case against your partner.

4.Cruel behavior

The cruel behavior of your spouse towards you and to extreme level is the major ground on the basis of which divorce case can be filed against the violent partner.
However, the cruelty of your spouse should be proved in front of the court house with the presentation of relevant evidences to this ground.
The cruel behavior of the individual is mainly considered if it is in terms of severe physical abuse, use of abusive language, screaming actions, etc. which are intolerable and leads to disrespect of respective partner.

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5.Physical incapability of the Partner

If either of two partners claim about the physical incapability of respective partner in terms of proper medical reports and documents, then the inability of individual in respect to mental and psychological health can surely be considered by the court and easily the divorce is granted to both the individuals.

6.Irretrievably broken condition of the Marriage

In many states like Florida, if either of two individuals declare the irretrievably broken condition of their marriage, then court house can directly accept your divorce petition and complete the overall divorce process in just thirty days of duration.
This is mainly possible because the ground condition of irretrievably broken state of your marriage is only mentioned when both the individuals agree on their joint decision of getting divorce from each other.


In most of states of United States, incompatibility factor is also taken into account as one of the major grounds for divorce process for both the parties.
However, the incompatibility factor is only valid if definite separation period is experienced by both the partners. However, the duration of separation period may vary from state to state.

8.Abandonment act by Husband

The abandonment shown by either of two individuals, which is mostly shown by the male partner for the family is one of the serious grounds considered for any divorce process.
During this condition, the petitioner must provide all related proofs and documents which should reflect the sudden leaving of house of his or her partner and had no contact with family for a year or more. Most importantly, it is essential to proof that one of two individuals left the house with no specific justification and have no intention to return.

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Consequently, it can be stated that there are various grounds for divorce on the basis of which divorce is filed in various states of United States. Various general grounds are described above.