3 Outrageous Self Motivation Techniques that Work

Self motivation techniques are mostly of the “rah-rah” cheerleader type, but sometimes, all the passion and wisdom we get from the teachers isn’t enough.

Sometimes it takes a little drama to get our attention, doesn’t it? All the motivation techniques we use work, given the right set of circumstances. But if you’re feeling stuck on some level, go ahead and use one (or all) of these outrageous self motivation tips:

The first is, Smile

No, not a polite public smile that barely masks your frustration and inner turmoil. We’re talking a big, goofy, cheesy grin. Do it, this is guaranteed to make you giggle; and then the real self motivation begins.

Stand in front of the mirror and smile at yourself like a deliriously happy lunatic! Can you really help but laugh at yourself? Then, in the midst of the laughter, laugh your way through your troubles “of course (hahaha) I can (haha) give that (wooot!) speech (bwahhahhaahaaa) today (heehehheee).”

Yes, it’s silly! And yes, it absolutely, positively works because laughter is a sure way to boost your energy. When you boost your energy you project it outwardly as joy, confidence, self-love – and that translates beautifully into a stellar performance and a happy experience. No matter what daunting task lies ahead of you, laugh yourself into the right frame of mind!

Second, use Music as a Motivation Technique

Now, this isn’t exactly outrageous unless you choose outrageous music (no soothing meditation music here!) Play whatever inspires and moves you.

You can completely alter your mood with the right music. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as the “vibe” is positive. Play it loud, play it again and again and again. If you walk down the street with music pumping in your head, you’ll adopt the cadence and energy of that music. You will be in harmony with it.

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Quite literally, the music will carry you! Music is used as a motivation technique in locker rooms, ball fields, at the start of races – but it goes beyond athletic events. If you need to blast the stereo and sing along to a song that gets your blood pumping on your morning commute, by all means do it!

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Avoid the blues (love the blues, but not when you need a boost). Avoid angry metal or rap (again, save that for another time, not when you need positive energy). Anything that gets you moving is great. Dance around and sing if you want.

The key is to let go your inhibitions and become the spirit of the music! Whatever the mood, whatever the fear, music can lift you and carry you (remember the Rocky movies?). Even a powerful movement of your favorite symphony is enough to get your spirits soaring! Let the music move you!

The third and most outrageous self Motivation Technique is to Yell at Yourself

Not in a ‘mean football coach’ kind of way, but in a state of ultra-high energy, passion, confidence, determination, happiness and yes, a little crazy.

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“I’m gonna rock this sales presentation! Wooo!!” yell it as you drive to work and back it up with emphatic body movements.

Self motivation techniques don’t often involve jumping around pumping your fists in the air or stomping on the ground, but this one sure does. “I LOVE this challenge! I RISE to this challenge! I OWN it!!” Like that. It’s akin to doing the “primal scream” (which you can also do), only slightly more ‘civilized’.

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One word of caution – you might want to enjoy this motivation technique somewhere private, lest you frighten people – not everyone is comfortable with demonstrations of such intensity! The more intensity and passion you can throw into it, the more you will convince yourself that you CAN.

That’s what it’s all about. Convincing yourself you CAN. So yell it from the rooftops or mountaintops, in your car or to the ocean. Cornfields are great, an empty gym is wonderful (for the echo effect). Find a place, and yell at the top of your lungs “YEAH! I AM INVINCIBLE! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!’

If you are stuck in a motivational rut, try some of these motivation techniques that are just a little off-the-wall. They work!