How not to Let your Partner Discover Infidelity

Infidelity is definitely not recommended to anyone, but if it is your cup of tea, there are a few things you can do to try and minimize the chances of getting busted.

There are scores of ways where your philandering ways could come out in the open, and it is always better to be safe instead of sorry. Follow this fairly easy guide to keep your secret a secret for as long as lady luck shines on you (no, there is no foolproof way of hiding your infidelity)

Set Boundaries

Ensure that your new partner does not visit your home. While having a nice romp in your own bed might seem quite appealing, there is every chance that someone from the neighborhood might see this new partner and ask your spouse some questions.

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Irrespective of how secretive you think you can be in doing so, like asking your partner to duck in the back seat when you drive home, there is always a chance that he/she will be seen. Also, make sure that you do not visit your new partner’s home if he/she isn’t single. Remember, if your partner gets caught, you do too.

Stay Low

Very much like the fighter jets flying low to stay off the enemy radar, maintaining a low profile with your new partner is very important. Frequenting crowded public areas leaves room for bumping into somebody you or your spouse knows, and this could put you in quite an uncomfortable position. Also, try and keep your physical displays of affection restricted to places with four walls.

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Out of Bound Numbers

There are phone numbers that you shouldn’t give to your new partner. Your home phone number features on this list, and so does your cell phone number if your spouse has the habit of answering or going through your cell phone. Your boyfriend saying hello to your man and then stammering in going on could leave you stammering for a very long time (due to the head injury that your husband would give you).

Pay Phones

Cell phone records are easily accessible, and there are many people who choose to use pay phones to call their new partners. While this is not why pay phones were invented, they are a great way to keep your new relationship under wraps.

Over Confidence a No-No

There are many cases of affairs being brought to the fore because the involved parties get over confident that they will not get caught. Over confidence often leads to a slip, and it is best to stay a little wary of getting caught in your new found romance. Remember, the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.

Keep it to Yourself

There are countless instances where the cheater’s best friend feels sorry for the cheated upon and spills the beans. Therefore, only people you trust more than your life should know of your infidelity and that too, only if necessary. Necessity could include you having to use their flat for your rendez-vous every once in a while.

Finally, do remember that you are bound to get caught sooner or later (surprise, surprise), and ask yourself if your infidelity is worth risking your existing relationship. If the answer is yes, go right ahead.