Understanding Cholesterol

understanding cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy and soft fat that assists the body in performing its natural functions. As with many aspects of the human body, excess and imbalances cause more havoc than assistance. When fats are absorbed in the intestines, they get processed and then filtered to the liver. While in the liver, the fats are … Read more

Ten Things you Should Know about Manicure

Things you Should Know about Manicure

Always insist on sterilized tools – Manicure tools may play a role in the disease transmission if they are used on more than one person without adequate sterilization. It’s a good idea to have your own manicure set. Visits to Salon should never be unpleasant – If your manicure hurts, please tell the technician promptly. … Read more

Ways to Eliminate Cellulite

ways to eliminate cellulite

What is a cellulite? It is a name used to describe a dimpled skin that is usually seen on woman’s body parts such as stomach and buttock’s. It is much visible on fat women since it is a fragmentation of fats deposited beneath every skin. Basically, it is not that presentable to look at. Knowing … Read more

What is Interest Rate in Simple Terms?

Interest Rate in Simple Terms

Interest is the amount or price that a person pays for the transitory use of funds of another person. The interest can also mean the payment which a person receives when they give up their willingness to spend money temporarily and lend their money to be used by a loan lending agency such as banks. … Read more

Budget? I’m Unemployed – what Budget?

Maintaining a budget is difficult under normal circumstances, but trying to balance your checkbook, compute your finances, and make ends meet when you’re unemployed is definitely a challenge. If you were financially savvy when you had a job (that leaves me out) you might already have a budget in place that you can live with … Read more

Working Mom vs Stay at Home Mom

working mom VS stay at home mom

A recent story on a nationally syndicated talk show brought to light a major struggle I have seen and live with among the women of our society. While most women long for a sisterhood among their fellow women and while most men already fear there is one, there exists a battle so intense it causes … Read more