Stretch Marks, What you should Know and How to Get Rid of them.

Stretch marks are a result of the tearing and stretching of the epidermis, the middle layer of skin in humans.

There are many reasons why stretch marks would appear, most of them being such things as the rapid growth experienced during puberty, pregnancy and weightlifting.

Although they are most often seen on the stomach of those who are pregnant, they may also appear on such places as the breast, upper arms, hips, buttocks and any other area that might experience rapid growth.

Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the abdomen grows at such a great rate that it is difficult to stop the stretch marks from happening. In fact, it is thought that more than 75% or even up to 90% of all women that are pregnant experience stretch marks to one degree or another.

Whenever they first appear, they are typically purple and smooth but as time goes on they turn white. Even though there may be some fading over time, stretch marks rarely ever disappear from the body without treatment of some form or another.

There are several things that can be done in order to lessen the effects of stretch marks. Even though many people consider cocoa butter to be something that should be used during pregnancy or rapid growth in order to lessen the effects of stretch marks, this has never been proven in any scientific studies.

One thing that has been shown to work to a certain degree for stretch marks has been vitamin E. Many people include vitamin E in their daily regimen of applying cocoa butter in the hopes of warding off any stretch marks that may appear.

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You also have several other options to remove stretch marks once they appear. These would include such things as laser surgery or abdominoplasty. Most people don’t go through with the abdominoplasty unless there is no other option because it is more expensive, more invasive and the recovery time is quite a bit longer than those going with laser treatments.

For a real alternative to expensive laser surgery, our tests have shown that there is a stretch mark cream that will reduce your existing stretch marks and prevent stretch marks from appearing.

For a real affordable solution you need a stretch mark cream with all of those elements plus scientific knowledge to gain maximum benefit.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

How to get rid of stretch marks is the No. 1 question everybody who has them will ask.

Stretch marks are extremely common and many people are prone to get them with body fluctuations.

They will appear different on every person but the common fact is that we all hate them!

Unfortunately pregnant women are the most targeted group because of the rapid growth around their hips, abdomen and breasts.

Luckily nature has provided several solutions in the form of natural oils, fruits and minerals.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a naturally occurring healing agent and is great for repairing skin tears that are seen when stretch marks occur. It’s agents will also help to prevent or reduce the stretch marks that could potentially appear.

Aloe Vera is an extremely quick healer and is used for many cuts and scrapes as well as tears, which is what stretch marks are. Aloe Vera is not a new discovery and has been used throughout the ages to assist in the healing process and to reduce scarring tissue.

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Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is great for creating a smooth healthy skin which will greatly assist the prevention of stretch marks. It medical attributes are similar to DL-Penthenol in the way it can generate collagen and elastin which will help restore the damaged elements with the stretch mark tear.

During and straight after pregnancy Grapefruit Seed Extract is extremely good to massage over the main areas of growth. To regain that before pregnancy body and skin tone using this will speed up the recovery process and will assist in stretch marks prevention.

Vitamin E

Another effective vitamin that shields and protects the skin from tearing and stretch marks is Vitamin E. There are four various types of Vitamin E and all are good for the treatment of stretch marks. However, the one type of Vitamin E that is best suited is alpha-tocopherol.

In clinical trials, it has been demonstrated that it can have an major impact on reducing the scarring of skin through stretch marks by repairing layer by layer of skin by forming new skin.

You can use all the individual methods stated above by applying individual treatments. It is recognised that a mixture of the treatments is best placed for better results as one individual treatment my only perform certain functions. With the excellent progression of technology, stretch mark cream is now so powerful and effective for stretch mark removal , there is little stopping you from using it instead of trying to mix together your own formula

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