Ten Things you Should Know about Manicure

Always insist on sterilized toolsManicure tools may play a role in the disease transmission if they are used on more than one person without adequate sterilization. It’s a good idea to have your own manicure set.

Visits to Salon should never be unpleasant – If your manicure hurts, please tell the technician promptly. The process should always be gentle.

Don’t ever manicure the cuticlesCuticles are very sensitive to injuries. Over-grooming damages them and causes them to overgrow. Gently push the cuticles with a cloth and do not nip away at the cuticles. It can certainly cause infections.

Prefer metal nail files – Nail files are absolutely indispensable for shaping the nails and bringing them in the desirable form. To get the correct texture and a satiny layer on the nail use a metal nail file. The Nail files should be small and handy, as well as comfortable and safe to use.

Apply file correctly – Many people cut the nails back and forth by using an emery board and then deeply cut the nail from the left and right corner. Then the nails are most likely to get split and worn out. Use the file from the left to the center by sawing back and forth a few times. Then move it from the center to the right a few times.

Timing of Manicure is important – Try doing your nails at least an hour before bedtime. Take a hot shower in the morning. The steam will cause the nail polish on your cuticles and fingers glide right off.

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Are you using the right nail clipper? Did you notice that there are different sizes of nail clippers? Tiny ones are for babies, larger ones are for nails, and even larger ones are for toenails. As you get older your nails change and appropriate use of nail clippers play an essential role. Toes can always tend to be harder to clip, so larger clippers would work better to grip. Don’t use toenail clippers on your fingernails. It may split the nail.

Soften the nails before manicure – An important routine in the whole manicure process is to soften the nails by soaking them in a bowl of warm water with some scented oil or nail cleanser added to it. When the hands are thoroughly soaked, the nails are soft and ready to be manicured.

Avoid using perfumed lotions. They usually contain alcohol and will make your nails brittle.

Try to replace the nail polish after a few days because too many coats will dehydrate the nails and therefore remove the top layer of the nail.

And the last word on the top ten

Manicure no doubt plays an important role in making people look good and feel better, but it is also important to preserve nails healthy for the whole life!