Looking Good Means Feeling Good: How to Achieve the Attractive Edge

What makes one person more attractive than the next? It could be makeup, clothing, lighting, or physical genes. Sure, models and celebrities have the market on looking gorgeous.

Some of their aid involves products, the operating room, or simply their genetic make up. However, there is one determinant that I feel we often overlook.

What about those individuals that we pass on the street, or meet at parties, or the workplace, and we say, “There’s just something different about them?”

A woman can be well-put-together with immaculate makeup, dressed to the nines, and still lack beauty. What would cause this phenomenon?

I believe it is an internal element that can cause the most beautiful women to evade looking their best. This internal element I will call the “attractive edge.”

I was known to be a rebellious child in my younger days, and I made it my goal to do the exact opposite of what my parents wanted.

I would behave in defiance to any authority figure I could, including public school and clergy. One day, because of various circumstances, I changed. I decided to stop fighting everyone and everything, and I restructured my entire manner of how I treated others and myself.

As a result, an individual who had experienced the negative effects of my rebellion approached me and said, “Since you’ve changed, you look more pretty…..and attractive.”

I had no idea that while I was creating inward turmoil and disorder for myself, I appeared unattractive and intimidating to others.

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I also witness others in my life, who constantly complain about occurrences and demean others behind the scenes. I take notice that these individuals begin to show their age more and more as time and the malicious comments continue.

The inward sadness and tumult begins to pronounce itself in physical ways. Sometimes, you just can’t put your finger on it, but it’s there, in their countenance.

So while we work hard using makeup and fashion tactics to look our best, what steps can we take to avoid these inward issues that cause accelerated physical aging and unattractiveness?

I will say that obtaining the “attractive edge” will not be nearly as easy as shopping for fashion or applying makeup, but it can be done.

I’ve listed 7 tips below that you can use to achieve the “attractive edge.” If you can abide by the following words of advice, you will truly be seen as beautiful.

Learn to be genuinely kind to others

Many individuals can be kind to their favorite friends, but a genuinely kind person will verbalize words and thoughts about all others that are uplifting and positive.

Do not repeat negative information about others

Simply realize that a gossip is not a beautiful person. Some people are drawn to a gossip for reasons such as power or “fitting in”, but never for beauty or attraction.

Smile and laugh often

Research has made some intriguing discoveries on how laughter increases longevity of life.

Be truly happy

The individuals that I have known with the “attractive edge” are those who naturally would like to gain additional desires in their life, but still manage to be truly happy with the things they currently posses.

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Have fun – somehow!

Many individuals decline taking part in activities that they feel their family, friends or society would not want them to experience. Be aware that your gauge for what is right for you is between you and God….no one else. Do something fun today!

Maintain class

Webster defines class as “high quality” or “the best of its kind.” Anyone can possess class, because it is not something you can obtain by monetary means. Class is made up of how you hold yourself and the verbiage that proceeds through your lips.

Maintain faith

Faith in God can most definitely foster beauty in a person. Although people of faith will not be perfect, they most often strive to uphold the ways of a moral God.

Faith is not about attending church, but a relationship of the heart with a loving and holy God. What can be more beautiful that an individual who walks close to a God of love and goodness?