How to Make your Lips Bigger: at Home and Professional Options

If you have thinner lips or your lips have gotten thinner as you have gotten older there are ways to get bigger lips. There are at home natural things that you can do as well as professional procedures for getting bigger lips.

Here are some of your options on how to make your lips bigger

The first thing you should be aware of is that when it comes to getting bigger lips at home these ways are temporary and may only last a few hours or at most a few days.

The only way you can permanently make your pout larger is to get professional treatments done.

One way you can get bigger lips at home is by using a non-injectable collagen lip enhancer.

These products work by applying them at night and letting them sit overnight on the skin to soak into the lips. When you wake up in the morning the collagen has seeped into your lips so you will notice that they are bigger.

Even though these products have collagen in them don’t expect professional results as the amount of collagen that is penetrated into the lips is tiny compared to what a cosmetic surgeon injects in them.

Use a hydrating lip plumpers or enhancers to help make your lips appear bigger

These lip plumpers are only temporary but they can work up to several hours to make your lips look bigger.

The way that these products work is they have ingredients like cinnamon oil and ginger that enhance circulation in the lips to make them appear larger.

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They also have hydrating ingredients to help give the lips a shine which can easily make them appear bigger as well. You will not get dramatic results but most women do see some sort of physical change.

Some of the lip plumpers and enhancers I recommend include:

Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream

How to Make your Lips Bigger – Professional Treatments

If you really want to make your lips bigger and have it be permanent or at least semi-permanent, you need to have professional treatments done by a cosmetic surgeon or certified esthetician at a spa.

There are several different types of cosmetic implant procedures you can have done in order to make your lips larger. Here are some of the treatments you can have done to get bigger lips.

Injecting collagen in your lips is a temporary fix for making your lips look bigger as it usually last anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

Some women even have the injections last longer up to 6 months if they have large amounts injected.

Be sure that you test out the injections first as some people are allergic to the collagen injections. The collagen is usually taken from cows for this procedure.

Dermalogen is collagen that is taken from the human body and injected into the lips.

Just like the normal collagen injections this is only temporary but most women don’t reject this type of collagen so it may be a good idea for people who are allergic from the bovine collagen.

You can also take the fat from your own body such as from your thighs or stomach and have it injected into your lips to make them look bigger as well.

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There is no risk of allergic reaction with this procedure and because it is fat from your own body this last much longer and may even be permanent for some women.

Depending on how large you want your lips, the fat can be surgically implanted or injected with a needle.

Restylane is a clear gel that contains hyaluronic acid that can make your lips get bigger. Your body does end up absorbing the gel so it only last anywhere from 4-8 months on the average.

The restylane is injected into the lips with a needle in specific places. Some women tend to say that this type of lip injection hurts more than collagen because it doesn’t have lidocaine in it.

If you are looking for the best professional procedure for how to get bigger lips you should definitely have a consult with at least 2-3 different plastic surgeons.

Meeting with more than one can give you a better idea of what to expect and pick a doctor you may be more comfortable with.

There are at home and professional ways that you can get bigger lips. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend and what you are willing to do to get bigger lips.