Prayer and Meditation: Which one is Better?

It seems like many people who believe in prayer also believe meditation is not a good practice. And viceversa…

Which one do you think is better?
Do you practice either one?
Why do you do it?

When deciding which one of the two is better, shouldn’t we ask ourselves… Better for what?

What is prayer?

Prayer is understood to be a Communication process with God.
It’s like a person-to-person talk with the purpose of asking something and expressing respect and gratitude towards Him.

Prayer is a communication process that usually goes outwards. It assumes that God is a separate Being.
Organized religion indicates that God is an almighty Being separated from you.

It assumes that God will listen and grant what He’s being asked for if you do the right things and please Him.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that has the purpose of having an inner transformation to be able to reach higher levels of awareness.

It is a peaceful and calm state of the mind yet completely alert and aware. Meditation is a deep state of thoughtless awareness.

Meditation is an inward mental process. It has a transformative effect on the mind, gaining clarity, emotional positivity and a new understanding of life.

It’s often assumed that we are an extension of God/The Universe. Through the practice of meditation, people seek to find a connection with Source energy.

Do Prayer and Meditation have anything in Common?

Both Prayer and Meditation seek the same result. They both intend to change our reality. When we use prayer to ask for things, miracles and blessings, what we are really asking for is to change our current reality to what we believe is better. Meditation has the same purpose.

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When we meditate, we are seeking change in our reality. By changing from the inside and connecting to Source, a new understanding of life arrives. Our reality of course then changes.

Both, in reality, are different mechanisms that allow us to connect to our Source or our Creator.
We are constantly looking for a way to become closer to God to achieve our own desires.

So, Which one is Better?

If our purpose through Meditation and Prayer is to become closer to Source… Which one will help us the most to achieve that which we desire?

I’d love to bring a few words from Dr. Wayne Dyer in regards to this matter:

The way to be closer to God is by recognizing that it is not possible to be closer to God than being God. When you understand this extraordinary affirmation you recover the power of your Source, because you no longer live as if you are distanced from it.

What does it mean to become God?

Connection to Source with the purpose of becoming an expression of God, and better still, to become God by becoming what Source, in essence, is: Love.
Is being nothing else but LOVE.
Is understanding that it is not only our right to fulfill our desires but that it constitutes our own essence.
Whether you chose to use Meditation or Prayer, what you need to pay close attention to is to your results.
How empowered do you feel?
Are you feeling more connected to Source and are you continuously transforming yourself into a true expression of love?
Or, are you, on the contrary, feeling less worthy over time, fearful and far away from Source?
Do you find yourself being judgemental, resentful or perhaps with a feeling of guilt and worry?
Whatever you use to become closer to Source, make sure you are actually being successful at it.
Perhaps it’s not about deciding which one is better or which one has the truth.
Is a matter of what works for you in achieving what you’re seeking through the practice of Prayer and Meditation.