What is Foundation Primer used for and why you should be Wearing it

Whether you have been wearing makeup for the past 30 years or you just recently started wearing it, you may have never used foundation primer before.

I have had quite a few women ask me what makeup primer is used for in the past so I thought I would enlighten all the women out there who may not be using this wonderful beauty product.

Foundation primer, which is commonly just called makeup primer as well, is as simple as it sounds.

It just primes the face to get it in perfect condition for you to apply your foundation and the rest of your makeup.

You can even sort of think of it just like paint primer in that it helps simply smooth things out and make the surface a better palette for the paint.

Reasons why you should wear foundation primer

Now that you know what foundation primer is, you should know the benefits of wearing it.

I definitely recommend using a makeup primer anytime you are applying foundation or powder to your skin.

Primer helps keep your makeup last longer on your face

One of the big benefits to using foundation primer is that it helps your makeup stay on much longer.

If you notice that after a few hours your foundation and even your eye makeup has worn off you can really benefit from using a face primer.

The primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup which means when you sweat, you aren’t sweating off your makeup.

You will also find that it acts as a shield protecting your makeup from wearing off from things like dust and water.

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When you use primer you can apply your makeup once in the morning and it will most likely last you all day long until you are ready for bed.

It helps smooth out your Makeup

A foundation primer also helps give you an appearance of smoother skin as well as smooths out the application of your makeup.

This helps to cut down on the appearance of any large pores you may have as well as helps your makeup not be cakey as well.

The primer basically seals your pores so that you don’t have makeup collecting in them and they aren’t as noticeable. This is great for any women who may have large pores.

It also helps your makeup glide on smoother because you have a smoother surface to work with.

If you tend to get cakey makeup, then look for a primer to use to help you get a smoother look on your face.

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Most Primers are non-comedogenic

What this means is that if you find a good primer that is non-comedogenic you don’t have to worry about irritations from chemicals that are found in some foundations.

Basically they won’t contribute to acne breakouts from blocking your pores as well as help to cut back on irritations from wearing makeup.

If you suffer from acne breakouts or irritations from wearing too much makeup, a good non-comedogenic primer can help you with these problems.

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It helps prevent your skin from absorbing the makeup chemicals such as talc into the pores which is a big cause of breakouts.

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That also means it helps control the oil on your face as well since some foundations that contain talc are known for making your face oilier.

It’s simple to use and just makes your makeup Look Better

One of the best reasons to use a makeup primer is that it’s very simple to use and apply and it simply will just make your makeup look better.

You simply just apply the primer like lotion all over your face and it will dry so you feel like you basically have nothing on. There is no greasy or oily feeling to the primer.

Some women are afraid a primer makes their makeup look heavier, but in fact the opposite is true. You get a beautiful, nice smooth finish that is lightweight as well.

For all the reasons listed above you can take the extra 2 minutes it will take to apply the primer and not have to worry about having to touch up your makeup every 4 hours or worry about if the makeup will cause an acne breakout or irritation.

You can find a good makeup primer that won’t cost you a lot of money but will give you so many great benefits.

Right now the best foundation primer that I have used is Lancome la base pro primer.

What I really like about the lancome la base pro primer is that it has the natural ingredients that not only help keep your makeup looking great but it also helps soothe and moisturize your skin as well.

It has no preservatives so you don’t have to worry about breakouts and irritations as well.

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It works really well and I do notice that by the end of the night my makeup hasn’t really worn off hardly at all.

We are talking at least 10-12 hours of having the makeup on. This never happened before I started using the primer.

So, if you aren’t using a foundation primer, yet I really recommend you try one as soon as possible and really the see the difference in your makeup.