5 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

I have been using coconut oil for my hair for around 2 years now and I always get asked which coconut oil is the best.

There are plenty of different brands out there and I have tried a few different ones but I tend to use only two brands that work great on my hair.

In my opinion, the best coconut oil for hair is Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

The reason why I like these particular brands of coconut oil is because they are pure and unrefined and organic which means you don’t have any other chemicals or preservatives in the oil messing with it.

Another thing that I like is that these aren’t as strong smelling as some other oils that I have tried and they can be used for a wide variety of things around the house as well as beauty wise from cooking to moisturizing your skin.

With some other coconut oils you may find that your food taste too strong of coconut or you smell like a coconut tree all day long.

Lastly, these brands make my hair look completely healthy and beautiful.

They won’t leave your hair greasy and oily but instead give you the moisture you may need and leave your locks clean and smelling great.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

If you haven’t used coconut oil on your hair, then you are really missing out on a completely natural way to moisturize and clean your locks.

There are several benefits of using coconut on your hair and here are just some of them:

#1.Coconut oil provides your skin with real moisture and is not just a water based product that will temporarily moisturize.

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If you have a dry scalp this works great for moisturizing the scalp and it easily lifts dead skin cells away which means that you don’t have to worry about dandruff and itchy scalp anymore.

#2. Not only does it moisturize your scalp but it moisturizes your hair.If you tend to have dry hair, put some coconut oil on your locks and then leave it for at least an hour or longer and then wash off.

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Your hair won’t be greasy but it won’t be dry anymore as well. It hydrates your hair naturally without any chemicals.

#3.You can also use a little bit of coconut oil to tame fly-aways without using any hair products that will dry out your hair or that contain harsh chemicals.

The fewer chemicals you put in your hair, the healthier it will look.

#4.If you are into natural hair care, coconut oil is the best thing you can use on your hair. It will help clean your hair, make it look healthier and even helps repair damage done to the hair.

If you live an organic lifestyle why put chemicals on your hair when you have this natural option instead?

#5.Coconut oil can help your hair grow longer or at least it helps mine grow longer.

There are some critics that say that it doesn’t aid in growing hair, but I know that since I have been using it on my hair, my hair grows faster than it used to.

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I believe the reason for this is because it helps to repair the hair and allows you to go longer in between hair cuts as well.

Coconut oil is not just for your hair as I mentioned. I cook with it and also use it on my skin in the winter time when I get really bad dry skin.

The great thing is that the best coconut oil for hair that I have found isn’t expensive and the jars last me quite some time.

It can save you money using this oil on your hair and best of all it is chemical free and all natural.

Do you use coconut oil and if you do, what kind of uses do you have?

Image: Coconut Oil for Hair.