How to Blow Dry Thick Hair Fast

I have had pretty thick hair from the time I was young and when I am pregnant, it is ridiculously thick.

There were times that I dreaded having to blow dry my hair because it took so long. When my hair is long, it can take me approximately 30 minutes to get my hair completely dry and that’s not even styling when blow drying.

That was until I discovered an easy way to blow dry my thick hair faster.

Make sure you Have a Good Quality Hair Dryer

The first thing I did was research different hair dryers.

The hair dryer that I used to use on my hair was just a normal, ordinary standard one that I had picked up from Target a few years ago.

This hair dryer just wasn’t going to cut it anymore and I needed a more powerful one that would get the job done a lot faster.

There are all different types of hair dryers from ones that cost about $10 to ones that will cost you over $200.

When choosing a hair dryer I definitely recommend you buy one that has at least 1,800 watts if you don’t want it to take forever for your hair to dry.

You may also want to look into an ionic hair dryer as they have been known to dry hair much faster.

I was able to buy a great hair dryer for my thick hair and it didn’t cost me more than $55, which for some people may sound like a lot, but to get a good quality dryer that dries your hair fast you may have to pay more than the average $25 for your hair dryer.

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Dry Hair as Much as Possible Before Blow Drying

Using a regular towel to towel dry your hair can actually leave it frizzy and cause damage to the hair, so instead I will use an old t-shirt that I have to dry excess water from my hair.

The cotton t-shirt gets excess water out but doesn’t make my hair frizzy or damage the hair. I also simply squeeze the hair and don’t rub the shirt in both directions as this can cause damage to the hair as well.

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Removing as much excess water from your hair as possible makes your blow drying time a lot less than if you just start blow drying and your hair is still dripping all over the place.

Blow Dry Underneath First

The next tip I learned when blow drying my hair faster was to start from the underneath first.

What I do is take the top half of my hair and pin it up in a claw clip on the top of my head.

I then take a round brush and use it to blow dry the underneath of my hair first. I’m not sure if the round brush helps to dry it faster but I like to sort of style it a bit while blow drying to get back on my styling time as well.

Plus, my hair can get pretty wavy and this helps to straighten it out some.

When the underneath of my hair is completely dry I then take one top section out on one side of my head. Then I focus on that section first.

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Once that is dry, I take the rest of my hair down and finish off the other side.

By drying your bottom layers first, it prevents you from combing water back into the top layers. I never really thought about this before but it definitely makes sense and I have noticed that my hair dries a lot faster now.

I do have to give a word of caution though.

Even though following the above tips and getting a new hair dryer has decreased the amount of time it takes to blow dry my thick hair, don’t get the wrong idea and thick it only takes me 5 minutes now.

I would say it has cut the time back by about 5-7 minutes though. Instead of taking about 20 minutes now it usually takes less than 15, which I’ll take the extra 5 minutes when getting ready in the morning.

Image: Dazzling Hair