7 Tips on How to Make your Skin Glow

When striving for beautiful skin, people often look for what skincare specialists call ‘the glow’. Glowing skin is achieved in a variety of forms, some skincare related while others are more of an on the spot treatment.

So there’s many different ways to reach that glowing result, you just have to decide which options are for you!

1. Find the Perfect Cleanser

Whenever you are trying to improve your skin, always look at your cleanser. Is it drying? Too oily? Is it made for sensitive skin when you need a cleanser created for normal skin? Definitely look at your cleanser before moving on to editing anything else in your routine.

A great cleanser for your skin is the base for a beautiful skin.

2. Exfoliate Away the Dull

When you exfoliate, you remove the dull, dense layer of skin revealing a beautiful canvas. Look for either a physical or chemical exfoliant made for your skin type.

Start out with applying this either a little at a time or once a week. You can then gradually add more product or more frequency as you see necessary.

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3. Healthy Body for Healthy Skin

As cliche as it is, a healthy body will give you healthier skin. The keys to this are getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and making smart food choices. Simply put, not getting enough sleep leaves you looking tired and often distracts from nice skin.

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Keeping your skin hydrated is extremely important because it balances out your skin and adds moisture. If you aren’t great at getting in your daily water, remember that eating fruits and vegetables packed with H20 count too!

4. Mask the Problem

Masks come in a variety of types and ingredients, but glowing skin is a common outcome. Look especially toward fruit based masks which have great moisturization abilities.

Consider making your own as well containing ingredients such as egg yolks, pure pumpkin, or honey. When shopping for a mask to get glowing in the store, pay attention to your skin type!

5. Healthy Moisture

Along with getting enough water into your body to hydrate your skin, you also need to have a moisturization plan.

Not only are moisturizers great multitaskers, but they also give your skin a supple, glowing base. For extra steps, looks for a moisturizers with added SPF and even an extra fine shimmer for a healthy glow daily.

6. Be Consistent

Remember that after you find a great addition to your skincare routine to stick with it. If you aren’t sure if your method is moving, move on to another!

The great thing about skincare is you can try many different options while looking for the perfect mix. When trying new products, remember not to use them too closely in time frame.

You need to have time to see the effects of the products you use so give yourself at least a week in between.

7. Fake It

When all else fails, fake a gorgeous glow with some easily accessible products! Your first step should be to decide what time of highlighter you are looking for.

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Cream, powder, and liquid highlights are all available in a variety of shades and price ranges.

Try to find one that accents your skin tone without being visibly drying, heavy, or have excess shimmer. Apply this wherever you desire but apply special attention to the T-zone, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow.