5 Tips for Successful Face Exfoliation

When you begin a healthy skincare routine, exfoliation definitely needs to be on your list.

Beginners often overlook this step for obvious reasons. Why do I need to exfoliate? Doesn’t exfoliation just make my skin raw? The truth is, exfoliates get a bad reputation.

If misused, they do damage the skin and leave behind a less than ideal complexion. However, when used correctly, they make all the difference!

First you have decide what type of exfoliates you’re interested in: chemical or physical.

Chemical exfoliation occurs when you use products containing certain chemicals which work to exfoliate the facial area chemically.

The ingredients you’re likely to purchase that are considered chemical exfoliants are alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and enzymes.

There are many other varieties, however, these are normally administered by a skincare professional.

Basically, these chemicals loosen the substances that you want to remove from your skin which allows you to remove them completely.

Many people seeking acne relief prefer this method.

Physical exfoliation is the most common type and more than likely what you think of first. Some examples of physical exfoliation common to skincare are sugar, brushes, washcloths, salt, ground apricot kernels, and even your own fingernails.

Microdermabrasion is also a form of physical exfoliation and has become very popular in recent years.

5 Main Tips for Successful Face Exfoliation

Don’t Fight your Skin Type

Like the sky is blue in summer, you get the skin you’re born with. If you have overly dry skin, look into exfoliation specific for your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin be aware chemical exfoliation might make your skin type flare up. As always, test a small patch on your wrist prior to application to your face.

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To take safety a step further, test it on the area behind your ear or lower neck.

Be Ready to Shop Around

Don’t expect the first product you pick up to be your miracle cure. Think you’ll love a salt scrub? Keep in mind salt is drying.

How about a specific brand’s chemical exfoliant containing alpha hydroxy acid? It might not be in your preferred price range.

Your best bet is to try an in store sample often supplied by high end brands and compare it to your expectations.

Don’t Overdo It

Remember back to the beginning where I said exfoliation gets a bad rep? This often occurs with too much of a good thing.

Some people can use a medium to harsh exfoliation everyday but this is very rare for the facial area. Physical exfoliants are likely to cause immense and sometimes immediate redness or irritation with excess use.

Try to keep it to one to three times a week depending on what your skin feels best with. Unless its a chemical exfoliant packaged for day to day, keep it to its schedule.

Do Read Reviews

Often people turn to reviews for electronics and books, so why not skincare?

Beauty and skincare bloggers have massive appeal for a reason: they spend the extra money and time so you don’t have to! Try to find one with a similar skin type or with a review of something specific you’re looking for.

Its likely you’ll learn more about the product prior to purchase and often even save yourself some cash!

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Be Consistent

The best rule of thumb with any skin care routine is consistency.

When you begin using a product and get great results, don’t stop! Your skin is bound to return back to its less amazing state if you stop, and who wants that?

Find something you can easily work into your day to day schedule. Need to save time? Apply your face scrub in the shower while your conditioner sets. Forgetful?

Use a two in one product like a night cream and alpha hydroxy acid duo.