Knowing How to Use Affirmations Effectively can Prevent it from being a Total Waste of Time

How to use affirmations? Like many other things, there are certain ground rules which should be followed to ensure that your self affirmations are actually effective.

Increase your chances of having effective affirmations by knowing how to use affirmations. Review the guidelines below.

The Rules…

How to craft good affirmations

When practicing affirmations, make sure it is stated in the present. Don’t use time based words that refer to the future. Phrases such as ‘in the future’ , ‘by next year’ , ‘tomorrow’ etc.

The reason is because our brains do not follow the concept of time. If you affirm ‘I will make 1 million dollars next year’ , to your mind it will always be the next year. The use of specific dates can help solve this problem.

Personally for me, I try to refrain from using ‘I will’ statements as well. As it may also imply that it is something that you will only achieve in the (vague) future.

Again solve this problem by adding specific dates into your affirmation.

I prefer statements which refer more to the present. It gives the feeling that it is happening now. Moreover, our brains only really understand the present. Use statements like these ;

I am becoming more and more……. everyday
I am feeling more and more……everyday
I am improving in……….. each and everyday
(Everyday) I am moving closer and closer to my goal of…..

Notice that all those statements imply that you have not attained your goal yet, but you are getting closer and closer to it. This is how to use affirmations effectively.

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One thing to avoid at all costs is to affirm things that are blatantly untrue. For example ‘I am a millionaire’. If you are not, then who are you kidding?

Your subconscious mind will pick that up and know that you’re full of bull. That makes the subconscious mind less receptive to future affirmations.

Do it with Emotion and Passion

Showing emotion & passion is a signal that you believe in what you’re doing and that you genuinely want it. If I told you to run a campaign on saving cockroaches from extinction, will you be very emotional and passionate about it?

When doing affirmations, put more of yourself into it. Don’t just say it blandly. Show that you care, that you want it, that it is important and that you believe in it.

Your subconscious mind and the universe will pick that up and act on it. If you say it like you don’t believe it’s possible then it won’t happen. Say it like you don’t really care… it won’t happen.

In the end, it’s not just what you are affirming, but how are you affirming it. You must be congruent. Every fibre within you must be pulling in the same direction, and this includes your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Every drop of doubt must be eliminated.

How to use affirmations with emotion?

Voice – verbalize in a strong, confident tone. Project your voice, don’t be monotonous & inject life into your intonation.

Body – Strong, upright posture. Take in deep breaths. Move around to add more energy (such as walking). Use lively gestures (fist pumping etc)

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Mind – Focus on what you are affirming. Don’t start dreaming about other things. A good way to do this is by visualizing the affirmation. For example if you are affirming for self confidence, while doing the affirmations, you can visualize yourself confidently talking, interacting & doing things.

Bear in mind, usually it is not easy to do affirmations and visualize at the same time. So just keep it simple by constructing a few images and keep repeating it in your mind.

Stick to it

Be consistent. Focus is power. Just stay on track and you’ll eventually get to your destination.

Other tips on how to use affirmations :

Don’t do too much at once – Stick to a few affirmations at most and work on those consistently. Concentrate and focus.
Practice it first thing in the morning, and last thing before going to sleep at night.

Meditation – If you practice meditations, you can use affirmations during your meditation. The relaxed and focused meditative state will be of benefit.

Reminder cards – Write out your affirmations on little cards put it in places where you can see them. Around your house, car, office etc. This is to act as a reminder. Another way is to put it in your wallet and carry it around.

Set goals that are in line with the affirmation. Set short term goals, this way you will be motivated when you see the result. Start small and develop confidence from it.

Another way is to read out the affirmation and record your voice. Listen to the recording while doing daily activities like exercising etc. Listening in bed as you sleep is also a good idea.

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Ask others to say to you. Eg. Mark, you are an excellent money manager. Get someone supportive to help you out. Avoid negative and unhappy people.

Say out your name in the affirmation. “I, Mark Jones…..” Some people find that this works better for them.

Start your day practicing affirmations. Give the first 15 mins of your day to practicing affirmations before starting your day.

Say your affirmations each time you meet with proof or indication that what you are affirming is true.

For example, each time you find yourself exercising, eating healthy food, or whenever someone compliments you, affirm that you take good care of your health. Do it at the moment of proof, so to say.

Final thoughts….

I hope that this page on how to use affirmations can help you craft effective affirmations. Remember, the how is just as important as the what.

However, without persistence no matter what you do and how well you do it, it will come to naught. Practice affirmations, do it right, and be persistent in it.