Ten Rules for Success

There are many components of a successful mindset. These are the ten rules that if kept in the forefront of your mind, will help you to break through and unlock your goals and dreams.

These are rules that I return to on a regular basis to help through the tough times when it seems that nothing is going the way I need it to.


The first and foremost rule for success is to believe in it.

In order to put forth the positive energy and sustained effort that it will surely take to become successful in any area of life, you must first believe that it is 100 percent possible.

If you do not truly believe in it, you are not going to put in the work. You must develop self-confidence and a love for yourself. You must have faith in your abilities and the determination to put them to work for you.


We all fall into the pit of pessimism or negative outlook from time to time. It takes a great deal of practice to recognize those feelings and push them aside.

If we want to make constant forward progress, it is imperative to systematically replace those negative thoughts and habits with positive ones.

Learn to expect the best rather than the worst and let your positive energy bring the world of your dreams to your doorstep. Positive thinking is a powerful tool for success.

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Armed with the right knowledge, we can battle the elements of negativity and claim victory over our lives. It is one thing to expect the best but you must adequately prepare yourself for the journey.

Knowledge is power and it is the foundation that will support your positive attitude and your faith in your inevitable success. Know the information that leads you to your goals and know yourself and your abilities.


In any worthwhile endeavor, your path will be littered with obstacles and challenges that will test your fortitude and your ability to face fear.

There is the fear of failure, the fear of humiliation and believe it or not, the fear of success itself.

We must learn to face our fears with an unfaltering will and determination. Never cower or hide from challenge. Be bold; be direct. Look your fear in the eyes and smile. The universe rewards bravery with the spoils of life.


We must adapt and overcome. The world around us changes on a relentless and never-ending cycle of challenges.

To achieve success, we must roll with the punches. When your situation changes, you change with it, adapt to the new environment and proceed to your destiny.

Do not be afraid to change your plans or alter your goals to suit your ever-changing mindset. Be resilient. As in the Taoist teachings, be the cork that bobs upon the surface of the water yielding and rebounding to always return to the surface.

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Be Driven

To achieve your goals, you need to understand exactly what they are and have a plan to get there but a road map without a vehicle is useless.

Drive yourself with motivation and self-discipline. Push yourself to your limits as often as possible and seek to always make progress no matter how small that progress seems to be.

Move ever forward, never pausing to hesitate or look back. If you never stop moving, your goals will always be getting closer.


Create a place in your mind where your success has already been achieved. Picture yourself there often and as vividly as your imagination allows.

Get into your dream and feel what life will be like once it has been achieved. You are tempting your mind with the promise of success and happiness.

Once it gets a taste of what it wants, it will try anything to make it a reality. Your subconscious mind will work hard to make your vision a reality.

Take Constant Action

Too often, we get caught up with the discouragement of perceived failures along the way. This tendency to reflect and worry about the negative consequences of life causes a paralysis.

There is also a common tendency to over plan, always looking for the optimal approach. Stop thinking and take action. Take massive action if you want to control your destiny.

We learn far for from trying and failing than we do by trying to over-prepare and analyze. Get moving and keep moving if you want get somewhere other than where you are.

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Stay True

It is important to be true to yourself. You cannot fool yourself and you cannot be someone that you are not.

A big part of loving yourself and achieving happiness involves a healthy sense of self-esteem. When you learn to hold yourself in high regard, you will shed your reliance on hiding from the truth.

Be yourself, know yourself and believe in yourself. It is you that needs to reach your dreams, not the person you pretend to be.

Learn to Enjoy Life

Enjoy the journey of life. Laugh at the many aspects of life that are enjoyable.

Laugh at yourself and stop taking things so seriously. If you wait until you achieve success to start enjoying life, you will wait forever.

The positive energy that occurs when you start enjoying life and living in the present is an important factor in drawing you closer to that success.

Life is a rich experience. Start living it today because life can be shortened unexpectedly.

All of these efforts come from within you. Know that you already possess all of the tools that are needed to achieve your success.

Understand that your success and happiness rely on your commitment to use them and use them often. Commit to your success and you will make it a reality