Link between Posture, Self Confidence and Success

Before you ask the ways of success or what to do to be successful, you must judge your self confidence.

  • Do you want success in any part of your life?
  • Do you want to succeed in any of your plans?
  • Do you want to succeed in your job?
  • Do you want to be successful in your relationships?

If you don’t have self confidence, you cannot succeed. Sorry, but this is the reality. You must find a way to free yourself from the negative thoughts.

You must have a positive self image.

Building self confidence is a mental process. Your subconscious plays an important role on your self confidence.

There can be mental blockages in your subconscious -your experiences, education, how you were brought up, social environment, religion, etc- that decrease your confidence.

You should find out what they are and work on them.

Unless you have self confidence you always beg for Help

If you don’t believe in yourself and open the doors of success, who will? Let’s think about that. You don’t have enough self confidence to take action.

Do you have enough sources or patience to wait for help? Besides it’s only a waste of time to help someone with no self confidence.

When you help someone who cannot use it effectively, the help will stay as it is and the one you helped will need help again. Do want others to describe you like that? Do you want to beg for help?

This is why you must build self confidence.

Open Posture – Increased Self Confidence – Success

There are products which are effective about building self confidence but I want you to think about something different.

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Although you can’t free yourself completely from the blockage without help, you can do something to increase what you have.

As you know, your posture has an important affect on others. People can judge you outwardly and make decisions about you.

Of course this will affect your success in any situation. But there is much more important about posture.

A little change in your posture can make a big difference in your life.

When you increase your self confidence with your posture, this gives you a golden key. The right posture will empower both your self confidence and mind power.

Success is not as difficult as you think if you can do these.

How can posture affect your social and economic condition?

A person who has a higher social class or experience about a subject, feel more confident. Especially, if you want success in your career, you have a chance to compete with them.

The posture you choose directly affects your level of competition.

When you choose a closed posture -looking down and crossing your legs and arms- you lose confidence and don’t even think about success.

When you open up your body and take up more space, this activates the sense of power. This directly affects the way you think and act. Feeling powerful helps you take responsibility, take action and make powerful decisions.

Researches show that people with an open up posture can make more powerful decisions and take more powerful actions than the others with a higher rank or experience in an organization.

What else do you need to be successful or get in the competition?

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How can posture affect your confidence in your own thoughts?

Although you can empower your self confidence with your posture, there is one thing you must consider. Posture helps you to be more confident about your thoughts; either positive or negative.

If you only have negative thoughts about yourself, you must be careful.

When you have negative thoughts about yourself, open posture makes you more confident about them and you rate yourself more negatively.

When you have positive thoughts about yourself, open posture increase your self confidence and you rate yourself more positively.