When Letting Go Means Growing

There you are in your business. You have been growing it by yourself for the past two years. You are in a phase now where you are busy and there just isn’t enough time in the day to get done what you need to do.

That is a sure sign that it is time to delegate some of your duties.

Letting go of these duties means that you are growing! You are getting ready to make a leap in your business.

This kind of letting go and growing happens in your personal life as well. It isn’t an uncommon thing that happens. The challenge is realizing when the right time to let go is and then doing it.

Letting go of duties or something in your personal life can be difficult.

It is a transition stage and there is a lot of change associated with letting go. There is first the decision of what the best thing to let go of is.

Do you let go of book keeping, scheduling, collaboration, or free time? The only way to decide what is the best thing to start with is to identify what areas you don’t enjoy working on.

This is the area that you dread. When you dread doing something you are bringing that energy into other aspect of your business and life.

This is your emotional guidance system telling you to let it go and grow! Find someone who can support you in this area.

It will free up so much of your time and you will find that you are more focused and inspired in the areas you do enjoy.

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When you are inspired good things happen. Trust the process. Growing by letting go happens when you learn to trust. Just giving trust to someone is part of the transition.

Most people need time to learn to trust someone. When you hand part of your business duties over it is like handing over your child.

You nurture your child for years and then all of a sudden you are dropping them off at school with a teacher you don’t even know. That is a lot like hiring someone to help you with your business.

There is fear that it could go horribly wrong. Think again about the child going to school for the first time. By the time you pick them up they are laughing and telling you about all their new friends.

A whole new world was opened up to them by you letting go. You both got to grow with this experience and that is exactly how it is with your business.

As you are growing you will also learn to master new challenges in your business.

This is the part where you become more enlightened on what it takes to run an even bigger business than you are used to. If you were learning these things as you started your business it would be overwhelming.

All challenges are presented to you at the time you are most capable of moving through them. Can you imagine what would happen if you sent a 2 year old to kindergarten.

That again is what it would look like if you let go of your duties in your business too fast.

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Analyzing if it is really the best time to let go of something is crucial in the success of your business.

If you start delegating just to be able to go skiing more often then you may not have the foundation your business needs to survive with other people running it.

A g ood way to decide is to get really clear on why you want help with your business. If it truly is because you are so busy and your attention is needed elsewhere then hire someone.

Follow that inner guidance. You know what your business needs or doesn’t need.

Now if it is time to let go and begin to grow, embrace it.

Allow the transition to occur naturally, trust that the process is moving in the right direction and with the right people, and get really clear on why you are letting go.

If everything is in alignment and you are being honest with your reasons, then the Universe will support you in your decision and create an amazing opportunity with your letting go and growing!