3 Vital Self Motivation Skills and how they can Change your Life!

Self motivation skills – Whether it is your professional life, your health, personal growth or relationships, the importance of self motivation skills cannot be understated.

When all is said and done, we humans are very capable beings. Given the right circumstances, we can achieve great things.

However, not having the drive and determination is what holds most of us back. The difference between those at the top of their games against everyone else is mainly down to how motivated they are.

Now there are many minor self motivation skills and tips that you can use to motivate yourself. Such as making sure you are in the right environment (comfortable, quiet), removing distractions and putting your focus on the benefits of the goal.

However to be consistently motivated and maintain that consistency over years and years, it always comes back to the three key aspects below.

Self motivation skills

Amplifying its importance and what it means to you

To have motivation, what you are trying to achieve must be important to you. It must mean a great deal to you. Now that sounds really obvious, but this is often underestimated and easier said than done.

Most of us are actually very very tolerant in terms of the standard of life that we can accept. We can easily give up on something when there is enough resistance or difficulty.

And the reason for this is because there is very little short term impact of not achieving the goal. We don’t feel much from the failure. At most, your daily life just continues the way it is.

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For certain things there are immediate consequences, but many things in life will only affect us in the long term.

The trick is to be able to look beyond what it means right now, to look beyond the short term impact. And instead be aware and actually feel the full consequence of not achieving it over the long term.

It all comes down to constantly reminding yourself of the long term impact of it and experiencing that urgency to take action.

Always remember that one thing affects another, and every step that you don’t take towards your goal brings you further and further away from achieving it.

What are the consequences if you fail to take action for the next year, 5 years, 10 years and beyond? That is exactly what will happen if you don’t start today.

Remembering this at all times will go a long way in maintaining your self motivation.

Be present in the moment

There are too many things happening and distracting us from focusing on what’s important.

With so many things demanding our attention, it becomes really difficult to be motivated as we are already very much burdened by dealing with the things at hand.

And when we are not dealing with these distractions, we think about it. We go through our day thinking and worrying about it.

Which is why it is so important to practice being present in the moment.
This means being 100% focused and aware of the present moment that you are in.

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Not thinking about anything else but just living in the now.
By doing so, you train yourself to let go and forget about these distractions.

And the moment you are focused and present in the moment, the things that are most important to you will surface up to your consciousness along with the motivation to achieve it. It is the most natural way to be self motivated.

Practice being totally present several times a day will go leaps towards directing your focus and motivation.

Make use of your opportunity for redemption

We always start out with passion and fire and great motivation. Every single person on this Earth has a dream and a drive for the dream.

But what invariably happens is that we get bogged down by obstacles and difficulties and disappointments. We fall down.

And more importantly, we make mistakes along the way and have regrets. The accumulation of all this leads to feelings of guilt, unworthiness and losing motivation.

However always remember that as long as you are still alive and breathing, you can make things right.

The beauty of life is we always have the opportunity to make up for our mistakes and failures, and redeem ourselves through doing what is right.

Never give up because of your past failures or mistakes, rather use it as the fire for motivating yourself to do better and achieve all that you can