Saving Money on your Summer Wardrobe

If you are like me, you can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe each summer. So, what I do when the weather starts changing is I shop my own closet.

Now, that may sound kind of silly to some people, but it actually can be a lot of fun and can save you a lot of money on your wardrobe.

I don’t know how many times I have found a piece of clothing that I forgot I had or realized that I had way too many black tanks and didn’t need any more of them.

Here are some tips for shopping your own closet to save you money and get you organized for summer.

Organize and Purge

The first thing that you should do is pull everything out of your closet and drawers. Make sure you have enough time to concentrate on this as it can be quite a task especially if you have a lot of clothes.

Organize it all by the type of clothing it is, for example pile all the skirts together, all the tank tops together, and all your shorts and jeans together, and so on.

While you are sorting, be sure to purge any clothing that you don’t want anymore. You can donate the clothes that are still in good condition and toss the clothes that have seen their day.

When it comes to getting rid of clothes, if the piece doesn’t fit you right… toss it, if you haven’t worn the piece of clothing in over 2 years… toss it, if you simply don’t like it anymore and can’t imagine wearing it now…toss it.

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It does you no good to hang on to clothes that you will never wear as they will just clutter up your closet.

Now that you have your clothes in piles this should give you a good idea of what you have and what pieces you definitely do or don’t need to add to your wardrobe.

Find New Outfits

Now that you have all your clothes out where you can see them you can put away some piles of your clothes such as your heavy sweaters.

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Place these in the back of your closet. You may want to keep out some lighter weight sweaters and cardigans as you may need them for cooler weather in the spring and summer.

Look at the piles of clothes that you have and try to find new outfits to put together.

Try pairing items that you haven’t ever paired together to see how many new outfits you can get from shopping your own closet.

You can also take out your accessories like belts and scarves to see how you can make your outfits new and exciting as well.

You may just be surprised at how you can take a “winter” skirt and pair it with a light summer top and find a new awesome outfit to wear in the summer.

Try to find items that you may think are just for colder months and pair them with summer items to extend your wardrobe.

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Scissors and a Sewing Machine are your Best Friends

If you have a pair of jeans that have a hole in them or are maybe too short on you now, go ahead and transform them into crops or cut off shorts.

If you know how to sew you can easily transform some of your clothes that you don’t wear into something you can make your own.

For example you can cut off the sleeves of a long sleeve shirt and sew it into a tank top. You can take a long maxi skirt and hem it into a hemline that is more flattering on you.

When you know how to sew you have so many options available to you for transforming your wardrobe.

Putting it all Back

Most people have a certain way that they like to organize their closets. My favorite way to organize my closet is to hang all the like pieces together (skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses and so on).

I also color coordinate the pieces so all my black sleeveless shirts are hung next to each other. This helps me see what exactly I have to wear and piece outfits together easily.

I know some other people like to organize their closet by outfits and hang them together.

For example if you know you are going to wear a certain blouse with a certain pair of pants hang those items together so you can easily just pick and choose an outfit.

The way you put your clothes back into your closet is up to you and what works best for you.

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Just be sure that you put the clothes back so that you can see all the items you will need for your summer wardrobe and don’t miss out on wearing something because you hid it in the back.

This is a great way to organize your wardrobe for a new season as well as find out what exactly you need to add to your wardrobe.

You may find that after this shopping session you don’t need as many clothes for summer as you thought you did or it may be the opposite and you have lots of shopping to do!

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