8 Ways to Prevent Bikini Line Bumps

Bikini line bumps are little red spots or rashes that appear around your bikini line area right after you shave or wax it.

Summer is here and, once again, women are getting hyper, thinking about ridding themselves from this irritating problem.

Take no tension as I am going to give you some very helpful tips that will make sure you do not get those ugly red blotches around your bikini lines. Some of these are:

1.Use of mild deodorants and sprays

Using milder varieties of deodorants can relieve you from getting red blotches around your bikini line as these contain moisturizers and are soothing to the delicate bikini line area.

Apply once you have shaved the area and you will see a marked difference. Harsh varieties cause skin irritation and as such should be avoided at any cost.

2.Apply coconut oil and homemade pastes

Another important ingredient that has a soothing effect on skin is the age old coconut oil.

It can be safely used on your bikini line once you have removed hair through waxing or shaving. Apply a generous dose of pure coconut oil on your bikini line just after you have removed hair.

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This will prevent any unnecessary eruption and will keep the area clean and infection free.

A very common home remedy that is used to treat bumps on the bikini line is a paste that can be easily made at home.

You would need pure turmeric powder, a tablespoon of pure rose water for making these into a smooth paste.

Take a bowl and add these. Now mix them nicely so as to form a smooth paste. Now, you can apply this on your bikini line after your shaving has been done.

Turmeric is known to possess antiseptic properties and is used commonly in India to prevent boils and rashes. Quite safe to use, turmeric, coupled with rose water can soothe your irritated skin and prevent the ugly eruptions.

3.Take hot showers to open up your clogged pores

To prevent bikini line bumps, it is essential that you soak yourself in a hot water tub or take hot shower to make your pores breathe. This will also make your coarse hair soft, thereby, preventing bumps from erupting, once you shave off the area.

4.Scrubbing is important

For preventing any kinds of rashes around the bikini line, you need to gently scrub the area with some mild, anti bacterial soap that can clean the area of bacterial infections.

Once, you are done with scrubbing, you can start shaving your hair from the bikini line.

5.Using men’s aftershave lotion or balm

For soothing your irritated bikini line, you can safely apply a generous dose of your husband’s aftershave lotion as this will prevent any infection from setting in.

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You can also massage the bikini line with some after shave gel or cream. This can be done by taking some of the lotion on your palms and rubbing it evenly around your bikini line by making a good lather.

One should refrain from using harsh and strong smelling soaps as these will aggravate the problem of red blotches and pimples.

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The correct technique of shaving

Most of us do not know the correct way to shave the coarse hair off our bikini lines and this results in red blotches and spots.

While shaving, make sure to use a new and sharp razor that should be used in the direction, same, as that of your hair and never in the opposite direction.

When you shave, make sure to pull the skin upwards with a slight pull that will prevent any cuts.

The more your skin is pulled tightly; the better will be the hair removal. Never shave the area more than twice, still better, do it just one time and with just one slide.

When, shaving, you have to keep the razor clean of any hair follicle that may get trapped inside, thereby, preventing proper hair removal.

Therefore, it is better that you wash off the razor every time you shave.

7.Clearing off the cream after each shave

Once you are done shaving off hair from your bikini line, make sure to wash the gel or cream from the area, never leave any residual cream to remain on the skin as this may lead to bacterial growth resulting in red bumps and other infections.

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One can rinse the gel using a mild soap or after shave lotion to disinfect the shaven area.

Please take note that this may cause a burning sensation but is quite safe and there is no need to get alarmed. One can also use some astringent to prevent infections on the bikini line.

For this purpose, use a cotton ball and add a few drops of astringent. This has to be pressed on the shaven area, after which, you can apply some hydrocortisone cream.

8.Exfoliation helps

The most important step that you need to take to prevent bumps from erupting on your bikini line is to exfoliate the area regularly using some moisturizing soap or a good brand of exfoliating cream containing natural ingredients.

One can also make a homemade paste containing cucumber, some milk cream and coconut oil. This paste should be applied just after you have shaved your area and will provide a soothing effect.