8 Must-Know Makeup and Skin Care Tips

Makeup and Skin Care Tips

As science has increased our understanding of human skin over the past several years, the cosmetics and skin care industries have understood they must keep pace to create and manufacture makeup and skin care products that meet the growing skin care needs of today’s women. The world has changed and people now expect more from … Read more

How to Deal with Dry Facial Skin

dealing with a dry facial skin

Look in the mirror, touch your face. If you have dry facial skin you have no one to blame but yourself. Hmm… Maybe that was a little harsh.Genetics could predispose you to having dry facial skin, but there are numerous measures you can take to correct this unfortunate skin condition – even if dry skin … Read more

8 Ways to Prevent Bikini Line Bumps

8 Ways to Prevent Bikini Line Bumps

Bikini line bumps are little red spots or rashes that appear around your bikini line area right after you shave or wax it. Summer is here and, once again, women are getting hyper, thinking about ridding themselves from this irritating problem. Recommended: This Product Reduces Need to Shave By Up to 82% Take no tension … Read more