Money can’t buy Happiness – Happiness can make Money.

“Can money buy happiness?” This is one of the favorite topics between people to discuss. No one can say that they’ve never talked about this topic.

So, what is your answer? Which one determines the relationship with money and happiness for you?

  • I’m happy because I have a lot of money
  • I’m happy because I have enough money
  • I’m happy because I have more money than others
  • I’m happy because I have a lot of money to do whatever I want.

Unless your answer is the first one, your happiness doesn’t have a direct relation with money. In the first answer, just holding a lot of money in your hands, makes you happy.

In that case, you can really buy happiness with money.

In other answers, money is only, one of the tools that can help you to be happy. You are not happy because you have money.

You are happy because of the results, besides in most cases, you can have these results without money as well.

People who give the second answer are generally happy when their needs are answered. They are grateful for what they have and they are happy with this and they don’t expect more than enough.

That is the reason of their happiness. They already know how to be happy with what they have, without the help of money.

People who give the third answer are happy because they feel they have a higher social status than others. This makes them feel successful, powerful and happy.

In some cases, it is not only about the social status, it is about helping people. When you have more money, you can help people more and people begin to trust you that, you can be a solution when they need.

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If this is the case, that means, it is not money what makes you happy, to be trusted and sharing with others is the reason of your real happiness.

People who give the fourth answer are happy with their freedom and social life. In that case, it is not money, again. Social life or being free can make you happy.

It’s not the money what you need. Your freedom or social life makes you happy. Where does money stands here? You can buy some spare time to be with your friends.

You can get a nanny, hire an assistant or outsource a part of your work to have time with your friends. It’s the social life which makes you happy, not the money.

Money always affects your happiness indirectly. On the other hand happiness directly affects your economical success.

As money is something material that you can have with your mind power, you should focus on mind power and use money as a tool to improve it. .

You can be more satisfied with your life when you have all the money you need to do whatever you want.

Happiness on the other hand is much more complicated because it depends on different positive emotions and behaviors.

Contrarily, you cannot earn more money unless you are happy. Happiness is the key of success and money.

Happiness can bring everything that is positive in your life. You feel like everything is possible when you are happy. You are wide open to opportunities.

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You don’t hide yourself at the back of black clouds. You welcome life as it is, so you can discover novel ways to have money.

Your happiness attracts people who can offer you new opportunities to have money.

At the end, you’ll be surrounded with countless ways to have money.

Although money cannot buy happiness in long term, happiness can bring money to your life till the end.