How to Socialize and be Happy?

Which one makes you happier; thinking about Time or Money?

Do you want to be happy?

Both thinking about Time and Money have different kinds of motivation. Money motivates to work. Time motivates to socialize.

Having more money to spend with your loved ones will make you happy. Having more time to spend with your loved ones will also make you happy.

What’s common in the two occasions? Social life. Time and Money both can help you socialize but in a different way.

Thinking about money makes you work harder to achieve your goals. Working more can mean earning more but the time you spend working cannot make you happy.

As the time passes working you feel unhappy. So Money can bring you happiness at the end but you shouldn’t invest on future happiness.

On the other hand, thinking about time can make you happy. When you think about time, you will be happier.

How? Thinking about date, clock, passing of the days, the time left for a holiday or anything related with time force you to socialize.

When you think about time you socialize, when you socialize you are happy. Spending some time with friends, family and making new friends makes you happy.

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A researcher Cassie Mogilner of the University of Pennsylvania studied whether thinking about time or money makes you happy.

She found out that participants who thought about time socialized more and who think about money worked more. She concluded that thinking about time makes people happier.

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Source: Scientific American

Interestingly, thinking about time can also help your money problems, if you can see it like that.

Imagine you have money problems and you spend all your days and nights thinking about it, looking for a solution. You feel depressed, unhappy and lack of energy.

You don’t want to do anything until you solve that problem. Yes, thinking about money motivates you to work more but you got stuck in your money problems.

Then, imagine you start to think about time; how much time you spend working, how many days left for your for the payment you wait, how many hours left for the end of the work day and so on.

These thoughts will help you to socialize. You will want to socialize.

Guess what, social relations may help you find out a solution for your Money problems. Making new friends may pick you up out of these problems.

You will see your problems from the others eyes and you will have a different point of view. You’ll get support from your friends. Social support will make a difference on your success.

Most importantly, you’ll be happy and happiness will help you reach for new opportunities. At the end, you’ll be discovering different solutions while you are happy.

I don’t mean that you don’t need to work just socialize to be happy. I mean that socializing both makes you happy and helps you about your work. You need to think something different from money.

Now, please tell me which one do you think makes you happy; thinking about time or thinking about Money.

My advice is to stop your hard working a little, spare some time to think about time and see what happens. A little break from working may add too much to your work.