How do I turn a friendship with a man into a relationship

Question: There’s a guy at work that I have a crush on and I’m not sure if he likes me the same way. I get the feeling that he’s sending mix signals but some of the things he does are hard not to notice.

I’ve found out that he’s in the process of a divorce and I don’t know if it’s even a good idea to hint him off or not. I don’t even know if he’s being nice or is interested in me.

Just tell him how you feel, and don’t make an awkard move

It seems that a man is tentatively interested in you at the moment. Depending on whether the divorce is one of mutual consent and / or is one that is quite nasty will determine if he is ready for a new relationship or not.

It would probably not be advisable at the moment to make the first move. His mental state could be in any number of ways. Give him time to figure things out and when he is ready for a relationship he will initiate the first move if he is interested.

He gives you eye contact; seeks you out when others can answer his questions. What is mixed about those signals? The man is definitely interested.
He is doing enough to let you know that, but hasn’t asked you out yet because he is in the midst of a divorce. As flattering as his attention may be, don’t lose sight of the fact that he is still married. Until the ink is dry on his divorce papers, he is married.

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Would you rather have him as a friend for the rest of your life and wonder did he like me?

At the moment he might just be looking for a friend and there is always the question of trust to be gained. Normally when a couple gets divorced certain partners find it difficult to trust the opposite sex again. This is not to say that some people can’t move on faster than others but there is always some amount of grief to endure.

Keep going the way that you are going and I’m sure that things will develop in there own good time. Take the opportunity to get to know him better and see whether you would want to date him when and if he asks.

Do guys feel it’s annoying when girls tell them how they feel?

Just ask him out. Then you’ll know if he’s interested. Besides, you’re not close friends, so what does it matter if he’s not interested? You’re not proposing to him! If you don’t take a chance or two, you won’t get far. Take the risk and ask him out. Otherwise, you might lose something you’ll want for a long time.

Let him know you value his friendship and don’t want it to end. If you think he likes you back, try and tell him in a sweet or interesting way, after all this could be the story of how you two started.