How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

learn how to use a flat iron to make curls

Did you know that you don’t actually need a curling iron to curl your hair? If you have a flat iron that you use for straightening your hair you can actually use that for great curls. This means you can toss out your curling iron and simply just use your flat iron for curls and … Read more

Ponytail,the Easiest Natural Hair Style

How to create a ponytail

A ponytail is the easiest natural hair style you can do. Whenever I can’t think of anything else to do with my hair, I go for the ponytail. It’s a versatile hair style that you can dress up or down however you like. Here is my step by step method to create a pretty ponytail … Read more

How often Should you Relax your Hair

how often to relax your hair

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a one-schedule-fits-all sort of answer. However, there are several things that you need to consider to come up with the schedule that works best for you and your hair. You should consider the growth rate of your hair (i.e. new growth), your hair texture, your level of patience with your … Read more

How to Get a Smooth Hairline

How to Get a Smooth Hairline

Getting a smooth hairline is one of the most common struggles that women with curly, kinky, or frizzy hair deal with on a daily basis. When I use the term hairline, I am referring to what may also be called “edges” or “baby hair” or hair that exists around the forehead or at the nape … Read more

How to Roller Set Natural Hair

How to Roller Set on Natural Hair

Learning to roller set natural hair is a very healthy method of achieving straight hair whether you’re curly, wavy, or kinky. It is especially an easy style for those with relaxed hair but it can also be achieved on natural hair. Setting your hair is a great alternative to flat ironing and curling hair. A … Read more

What you Need to Know about Drying your Hair the Healthy Way

Drying your Hair the Healthy Way

There are a variety of effective and healthy methods to drying your hair. Drying your hair doesn’t have to be damaging if you use the right techniques and don’t rush. Blow drying, diffusing, air-drying, roller setting, and wrapping are all possible options that could work for you depending on your hair type, texture, and patience … Read more

3 most common Benefits of Hooded Hair Dryers

Benefits of Hooded Hair Dryers

A hooded dryer is essential if you are serious about healthy haircare. There are so many benefits that every woman should own at least one of them. Whether you choose to pay $300 for a Pibbs Kwik Dryer or just $20 for a Conair model, you will gain huge benefits as well as healthier longer … Read more

Hair Conditioning for Healthy Hair Care

Hair Conditioning for Healthy Hair Care

If you’re skipping the hair conditioning step in your hair care routine, then you’re in big trouble! Conditioning your hair can make a huge difference in your hair’s health and appearance. There are several things that you should know about conditioning as you begin your healthy hair journey. You’ll learn the purpose of conditioning, how … Read more

Understanding Hair Texture and Hair Density

Hair Texture and Hair Density

Learning about your unique hair texture and hair density will help you to cater your hair care regimen specifically for your hair. Everyone is born with different hair textures that can be based on genetics. A change in hair texture can occur for various reasons. Paying more attention to hair care, you can improve hair … Read more

How do you Make your Hair Look Less Greasy?

Make your Hair Look Less Greasy

If you have oily hair it can be frustrating trying to make your hair not look greasy. There are even some women who wash their hair every single day but yet by a few hours later their hair is already starting to look oily. Even if you don’t have super greasy hair you can still … Read more