Ponytail,the Easiest Natural Hair Style

A ponytail is the easiest natural hair style you can do.

Whenever I can’t think of anything else to do with my hair, I go for the ponytail. It’s a versatile hair style that you can dress up or down however you like.

Here is my step by step method to create a pretty ponytail

Wash and Condition

You can wash or condition-wash your hair as you like. Make sure to detangle with your shower comb while the conditioner is in.

You must do this step b/c you will not comb through your hair again after this because it will disturb the curls.

Let the conditioner sit while you bathe and then rinse. It’s ok to leave a little bit of the conditioner in. Do not towel dry your hair. It will only lead to frizz that you don’t want.

Get your Supplies

  • Creamy Leave-In Conditioner
  • Fine-Tooth Comb
  • Creamy Moisturizer
  • Thick Moisturizer and/or Moisturizing Hair Gel
  • Satin Scrunchy
  • Satin Scarf

Product Recommendations:

Salerm 21
Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk
Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter
ORS Lock and Twist Gel


Once you’re out of the shower, you can add your creamy leave-in conditioner in sections making sure to cover all areas. Add a creamy moisturizer to your length making sure to cover your ends.

Be careful not to manipulate your hair too much and disturb the curl. (No matter what natural hair style you’re trying to create, you shouldn’t manipulate too much.)

Apply Smoothing Product

There are two types of products you can use to smooth your hair. You can use a thick creamy moisturizer like Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter or a thick hair gel.

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Take a large dollop of the product of choice and smooth over the front hairline back towards the crown as well as on the nape area.

Smooth Hair

Now, grab your fine-tooth comb and use your hands at the same time to smooth your hair into the shape of a ponytail.

Take the satin scrunchy and wrap around your hair as many times as you need it. Now, take your hands and the fine-tooth comb and smooth once again.

Be very gentle when using the fine tooth comb. You may need to use a larger tooth comb first. Never yank the comb through your hair. Smooth once more with your hands and shape your ponytail.

Satin Scarf Trick

Snugly tie the satin scarf around your head making sure not to disturb the smoothness you just created. Leave it on for 15 minutes or so while you get ready.
When you remove the scarf, your hair should be smooth and set in place!

Dress it Up

There are many variations for a ponytail style.

You can leave your ponytail as is or you can dress it up several ways. Just get a couple of cute decorated pins and put on both sides of your hair. Or you can use a decorated scrunchy.

You can also use a barrette instead of a scrunchy. Please be careful with the metal.

I would not recommend metal barrettes for a daily ponytail but it’s ok for an occasional ponytail dress-up provided that you are extra-careful when putting them on and taking them off.

You can also take the length of your ponytail and pin it up for a more natural updo ponytail style.

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The ponytail is the easiest natural hair style to create. I hope my steps will help you to create a hairstyle that is heat-free and can help you achieve long, healthy hair.

Image: Ponytail Styles