Understanding Hair Texture and Hair Density

Learning about your unique hair texture and hair density will help you to cater your hair care regimen specifically for your hair.

Everyone is born with different hair textures that can be based on genetics. A change in hair texture can occur for various reasons.

Paying more attention to hair care, you can improve hair texture dramatically. By reading the information on this page, you should begin to understand how your hair texture and hair density play a role in your goal for long, healthy hair.

Different Hair Textures

What does hair texture mean anyway? Hair texture and hair density is basically the description of your hair feels.

We all have different hair textures that are based on a variety of things.The diameter of the hair indicates if hair is fine or coarse. The number of hair follicles producing hair indicates whether hair is thick or thin.

Therefore, you can have thick fine hair and thin coarse hair. Though it’s probably more common to see thin, fine hair and thick coarse hair.

Hair texture also relates to if your hair feels silky, wiry, or soft. If you’re experience problems with your hair care routine, try looking for products made for your hair texture.

Change in Hair Texture

Have you ever experienced what you’d consider a change in hair texture? Well, it’s definitely possibly to change your hair texture for the better and worse in a number of different ways.

Sometimes hair texture can change due to hair products that we use such a shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products.

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Hair sprays can cause a change in hair texture also, usually negative!. However, these are usually temporary changes.

If you use perms, relaxers, or other chemical treatments, you may have already noticed a texture change.

Be careful with the chemical products that you use in your hair because you could end up with irreversible changes in texture. If you currently have a change of texture, you can do a few things to improve it.

Improve Hair Texture

You can improve hair texture by eliminating the things that caused the change in texture in the first place.

While it is not possible for already damaged hair to always go back to its original hair texture and density, you can use special products to enhance the texture. Most commonly are shampoos and serums that moisturize and condition hair with silicones and other moisturizing agents.

Additionally, lessen the amount of chemical treatments like relaxers and coloring as well as limiting the usage of heat.


Hair texture and hair density is what we are born with. Though possible to negatively change over time, there are ways to improve hair texture through the use of special hair care products and proper hair maintenance.