5 Benefits of Sharing

If you consider yourself a sharing person, what do you share the most? Do you share your knowledge, money, time, feelings, dreams and vision, your wins, failures, or complaints?

What motivates you to share in some areas, and what holds you back from sharing in other areas?

Many people expect others to share first before they start sharing. They are not aware that, in order to receive, they should give first.

The cycle of giving and receiving starts by giving.

Exemplary leaders and successful entrepreneurs know the importance of sharing.

They know that what they receive, they receive for the sake of sharing, not for the self. They believe that what they get should be passed on to others for success to flow freely.

Sharing has many benefits. Some benefits are obvious, and others are subtle. It is difficult to realize the benefits of sharing unless we experience and practice it.

The more we share, the more benefits we get in return. In a recent post, I shared with you five reasons why we do not share.

Here are five benefits of sharing


According to the law of karma, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that if we give, we will receive something at least equal in return.

I say at least because the beauty of sharing is that when you share something good with others, you put yourself in place to get dividends on it so that what you receive is more than what you originally gave.

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Therefore, receiving what we want becomes possible by sharing a portion of what we want to see.


By sharing different opinions that might even be contradictory, we create synergy that guides us to true success. As long as we keep ourselves isolated and do not share, we are not able to create synergy and harmony in a system.

When synergy is created by sharing in a team, among teams in a department, departments in an organization, organizations in a community, communities in a society, societies in a country, and countries in the world.

The whole world will start sharing for the purpose of unity and oneness. What could be greater than that for our world today?

Discovery and Creativity

When people in an organization from a family of three to a corporate of thousands start sharing with one another, the whole organization becomes dynamic.

In this dynamic environment where sharing is the norm, people are curious to know about each other, their leaders, their organization, their values, their vision, and the ways they can help.

As we know, curiosity will lead to discovery, creativity, invention, and innovation; therefore, sharing provides benefits toward great discoveries about people and what we can do together.

Boosting competency

Through sharing, we can teach many new things to others and learn many things from them. In this way, we help others build competency while we build our own.

When people in an organization share their knowledge, they receive knowledge they do not have, so learning accelerates, and competency is boosted. This is a great benefit that saves a lot of money if done properly.

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Filling gaps

Entrepreneurs do not need to be complete and perfect. They need to discover gaps, share the gaps, and fill the gaps with the right resources.

One of the great benefits of sharing is filling the gaps that could not be filled otherwise. A sharing culture helps leaders find the right people for the right positions from inside the organization to fill the gaps and bridge the organization to long-lasting success.

With all these benefits, isn’t it time to stop isolating yourself and start sharing what you have with others so others in your family, team, community, or company could benefit?