Understanding Cholesterol

understanding cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy and soft fat that assists the body in performing its natural functions. As with many aspects of the human body, excess and imbalances cause more havoc than assistance. When fats are absorbed in the intestines, they get processed and then filtered to the liver. While in the liver, the fats are … Read more

Ways to Eliminate Cellulite

ways to eliminate cellulite

What is a cellulite? It is a name used to describe a dimpled skin that is usually seen on woman’s body parts such as stomach and buttock’s. It is much visible on fat women since it is a fragmentation of fats deposited beneath every skin. Basically, it is not that presentable to look at. Knowing … Read more

How to Get Motivated to Exercise (and Lose Weight)

How to Get Motivated to Exercise

Starting an exercise or weight loss program is easy! I bet you’ve done it dozens of times. The problem comes with maintaining that motivation long enough to start seeing results. We always seem to start with such high hopes and expectations, but within a few days we find ourselves skipping the gym and sitting in … Read more