How to Stop Emotional Eating Forever

how to stop emotional eating forever

Unfortunately, there are not too many people that simply eat because they are hungry. Aside from eating for rewards, celebrations, and other occasions, there are some people that prefer to use food as a comfort or a means for relieving stress. The problem with becoming an emotional eater is that the emotional problem does not … Read more

The 6 Types of Anxiety Disorders Explained

6 Types of Anxiety Disorders Explained

We are all unique people. And how we experience stress and anxiety is unique from one another. However, most people that experience anxiety fit more or less into one of these categories. We may even mix and match, taking some of the symptoms from different disorders. For some of us, we can read about the … Read more

Dealing with Anxiety at Work

how to Deal with Anxiety at Work

I want you to understand the scope of this post. Many of the techniques I show take time and practice. They are skills that need to be learned and once learned, they can apply to any situation, even work. The scope of this post is how to handle the work environment while you may be … Read more

Can Hypnosis help Treat Anxiety?

Can Hypnosis help Treat Anxiety

Hypnosis is described as a special psychological state that leaves one open to suggestions. Although hypnotists have been hypnotizing people since at least the 1850’s, it is only until recently that hypnotherapists have begun applying hypnosis for anxiety. Whether or not hypnosis is real is still up for debate. The truth probably lies somewhere in … Read more

How to Overcome Anxiety with Medication

Treat Anxiety with Medication

I am going to come right out and say, FOR ME, I did not care to take medication for my anxiety. I tried two different types, Xanax and Klonopin, and I could not stand the side effects. In this blog post, I will talk about the industry standards as far as the different medications are … Read more

How to deal with Anxiety without Medication

Dealing with Anxiety without Medication

Over the last 14 years, I have tried different medications and although they did in fact help with my anxiety, I did not care for the side effects. The medications made me feel light headed and disconnected. I made the decision to try and beat the anxiety monster on my own. Of course, I spoke … Read more

Simple Ways to Control Anxiety

Simple Ways to Control Anxiety

Even though we suffer from anxiety, life still goes on. We need to learn how to control anxiety so that we may continue to live and prosper. Most people that suffer from anxiety live normal lives. They have families, they work, they love, they raise children, they take vacations and they look just like everyone … Read more

How to Track,Understand and Manage Anxiety

How to Track,Understand and Manage Anxiety

One of the first steps we have to take when we are dealing with anxiety is to become a student of our anxiety. Doing this does not require that you change any of your behaviors, it simply requires that you begin to notice your behaviors and thoughts and how they are affected by anxiety. Remember, … Read more