What Can We Learn from Children?

Have you ever watched a child? There is a lot that an adult can learn from a child.

As adults, it is easy to let everyday occurrences dictate how we feel. We tend to hang on to the emotion of the event we have experienced.

Say for instance, you and a friend are going to lunch. As you are going to park your car someone pulls in and steals your spot.

This really makes you angry so you decide to say something to the person as they get out of the car.

Basically, the other person doesn’t really care that they have caused you to get angry and they laugh it off. Now you are just infuriated! The whole event is stuck in your head throughout the entire lunch.

When you get home, you realize you are still mad and to top it off you didn’t enjoy your time with your friend because you held on to the incident in the parking lot.

Now let’s take a child

They are in the park and they are playing in the sandbox. They have a bucket filled with sand and they are building a sandcastle.

They pour the sand out and run off to go get a toy to add to their creation. You watch and notice they are trying to create the BEST sandcastle of all time.

They walk over to refill the bucket and another kid comes up and takes the bucket. The child who had it first grabs it out of the other kid’s hands and boom, a fight breaks out.

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Both children get in trouble and neither one of them can play with the bucket. Do they let that stop them? No, they find something else to do.

A few minutes later you see them playing with the very child they were in a fight with moment before.

What does this tell us? How can we learn from the children?

Children go with the flow

One of the Universal Laws is called the Law of Allowing.

The law states that whatever is present in your life is perfect right now and that if you allow for it, you will enjoy the experience much more.

You will move through conflict faster and see better things appear than you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

This law also states that you allow others to be where they are in their lives without any judgment or interference in their path. The example above is a perfect scenario.

See, children feel the feeling they are having. They express what they feel and then they let it go. They don’t focus on the past or hold a grudge for the future.

They just flow! It is a wonderful lesson to learn as an adult.

If the parking lot incident could have been different, the emotions and the following events could have been much more pleasant.

Yes people should be considerate. That is not the lesson here. The lesson is to allow and try to go with the flow more often in your life.

Can you think of a time where you would have enjoyed something more if you would have just gone with the flow? Think about a time you have resisted something.

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Now think about if you would have moved with it. Would the outcome have been different? What would it look like if you expressed what you felt and then just released the event from your mind?

Children are always expressing themselves.

They get what they feel out of their little bodies and they move to the next event. They usually get what they want as well.

The two little kids were not attached to the outcome of building the sandcastle. They were attached to having fun at the park.

Because they were able to move through their emotions, release them completely, they attracted what they wanted, their desired outcome, to have fun at the park.

There are so many other examples that can be explored. As for the Law of Allowing and children, they are the perfect little teachers.

Next time you are out walking or in a restaurant watch a child. See how they interact with the environment, their families, and other people to get what they want.

They are brilliant little souls to learn from.