Privacy Policy

Modern Woman HQ takes great care to ensure that the personal details, information and email addresses that you provide us with is kept safe and free from spam.

The following points make up the Privacy Policy that is adhered to at Modern Woman HQ .

Any personal information Modern Woman HQ collects from you will be used in accordance with ALL applicable Data Protection laws.

The only information that Modern Woman HQ collects is what is entered by you via the online forms on this website.

The personal details that Modern Woman HQ collects will be stored safely and securely on our server.

The only reason that Modern Woman HQ collect personal information is to indentify individual contributors to the website and to contact you if you have requested further information.

Modern Woman HQ adheres to a Strict No Pester Policy and will not send you any form of unsolicited email, promotion or web spam of any sort.

Modern Woman HQ will not disclose your personal information to any other third parties or companies for the purpose of marketing, cold calling, unsolicited emails or any other business activities.

Modern Woman HQ will only disclose your personal information to a third party where it is required to do so by law and are under a legal duty to share personal details with law enforcement agencies and other legal authorities.