Potty Chair vs. Potty Seat Put on Toilet Seat

Trying to decide between a potty chair or a potty seat to put on the toilet? Deciding what your toddler is going to “potty” in can be a big decision.

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can make the right decision for you and your child.

Benefits of a Potty Chair

Just the Right Size for a Toddler: They’re so easy for a toddler to sit on that no stool is needed to get on or off.

Extremely Portable: Your child can use it in any room of the house. Your tot can practice on the potty while watching a movie or looking at a book, without being confined to the bathroom.

An extra one can also be left in your toddler’s room at bedtime in case it’s needed then.

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Very Fun Designs and Sounds: They come in a variety of styles and colors, some making music and flushing sounds for a child too. With so many to choose from, it’s easy to find one your toddler will be excited to try.

Doesn’t Really Flush: Some toddlers are afraid of real commodes, especially when they flush. With a little non-flushing potty, tots can learn all the basics of toilet training before actually having to use a toilet.

Benefits of a Potty Seat Put on the Toilet Seat

Toddler Becomes Familiar with the Toilet Right Away: The child who potty trains using a potty seat on the toilet (sometimes called a potty insert, trainer seat, or toilet seat reducer) will become familiar with using a commode very quickly.

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By being accustomed to using a toilet at home, a toddler may not be as nervous to use a toilet at a store or restaurant later.

Inexpensive: A potty seat is usually very inexpensive.

No Added Steps to Toilet Training: With a trainer seat, your child learns to use the toilet in the bathroom right away. Other toddlers who learn on the chair will eventually need to learn to use the toilet.

By never using the chair with your toddler, you save them an extra step.

No Extra Potty to Clean: Potty seats will not need to be cleaned as frequently as a little potty chairs will need to be cleaned.

With all the time a parent needs to put into potty training, sometimes having one less thing to do really makes a difference!

Disadvantages of a Potty Chair

Children May Resist Learning to Use the Toilet: Some tots become so accustomed to their little potties that they have a hard time transitioning to a toilet.

A child who has few accidents at home may have trouble out in public when the only option is a toilet!

They Can Be Messy: The contents can be dumped and flushed in the commode, but little potties must be cleaned frequently to ensure your toddler is not coming in contact with bodily waste.

Disadvantages of a Potty Seat

Some Toddlers are Scared of the Toilet: A toddler seat is not going to make a toilet less scary for kids who fear a big flushing commode.

A child who is scared will have a hard time relaxing enough to use the toilet, especially to poop. If your child is too afraid, s/he may not have much success at potty training.

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Stools are Often Needed: Most toddlers won’t be able to comfortably get up on their potty seat if they don’t have a stool. A solid, non-slip stool is best.

It may take a little longer to get on: Climbing onto the toilet can take longer than sitting down on a toddler sized potty chair.

With young children who can’t “hold it” for long, the difference between an accident or success is sometimes just a few seconds!