Watch out for Low Self Esteem Signs before it’s too late!

There are many women out there suffering from low self esteem.

Not only that, some of them don’t even realize that they have self esteem issues. They are too busy with work or other distractions in life to even realize it.

Not knowing that you have self esteem issues can be a very dangerous thing because one could end just accepting life the way it is and not doing anything about it.

When that happens, a person could end up just believing that that is just how the way things, that that’s who they are and how their life is meant to be.

They accept that self imposed limitation and believe in a diminished sense of self worth.

The belief in a lower self value and the inability to turn it around will drive a person towards a downward spiral and away from living the quality of life that he or she deserves.

They get into something called learned helplessness, in which they are in effect teaching themselves to become helpless.

It is always important to look out for low self esteem signs, not only in yourself but also in family, friends and the people around you so that you can help others be aware of it.

List of common low self esteem signs

If you show some of these signs, it means that there is a chance that you are in some way or another having self esteem issues.

  • Avoiding eye contact when speaking or interacting with others
  • Being afraid to voice out opinions
  • Backing down from a challenge and not standing up to others
  • Self criticism
  • Unable to receive compliments – habit of deflecting compliments
  • Overly humble
  • Feel like they have to always show their superiority
  • Arrogance, like to boast, massage the ego
  • Poor body language – for example slouching, always looking downwards
  • Feeling uncomfortable when in a group of people
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Now it is pretty natural to show some of those low self esteem signs, after all we are all human. However if you exhibit a lot of those symptoms and if it is quite severe in you, then you should really seriously look at your current level of self esteem and work at improving it if needed.

Read up books and other materials on improving self esteem and be open to seeking professional help if it is really serious.

Consciously take action to work towards improving your self esteem and deliberately change your old habits and patterns of thinking.

You could also tell others that you are working on improving your self esteem and ask them to help you, such as by giving encouragement and support.

The last thing you would want to do is push it aside and neglect it. That would guarantee an unhappy life filled with doubts, fears and limitations.