How to Reduce Female Body Fat Percentage?

Women who want to lose weight in a healthy way cannot avoid the question of the normal body fat percentage in women.

Contrary to what is often assumed, fat pads are not fundamentally bad. Fat deposits are to a large extent essential for life.

Fat cells, so-called adipocytes, are an important store of energy and producers of many different messenger substances. But fat deposits can also be dangerous.

First of all, it is important to know: body fat is not just body fat!

While some fat deposits are of great help to the metabolism, provide warmth in winter or, for example, pad the feet on the heels, fat, especially in the abdomen, can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

But how much body fat is normal in women? And why do women need a higher percentage of fat than men?

What is a good Body Fat Percentage for a Woman?

The ideal body fat percentage in women depends on these factors

There is no such thing as one value that says how high the percentage of fat in the body should be in relation to the total mass.

An optimal body fat percentage depends on various factors such as age,gender and anatomy.

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Women naturally have a higher percentage of fat than men. Larger women need more fat deposits than smaller contemporaries, while older women could do without fat deposits.

Nevertheless, there are certain guideline values ​​that specify which body fat percentage is healthy for women and men at a certain age: Ideally, women should have a fat percentage between 21 and 30 percent.

The absolute lower limit for women is 10 to 13 percent. It can even be dangerous below that. Men normally only have between 8 and 20 percent body fat.

This value should never fall below the limit of 3 to 5 percent, not even for competitive athletes.

How to Decrease Body Fat Percentage for Women

6 tricks to reduce body fat, instead build muscle and tone your figure.

1. Reduce body fat through HIT

Challenge your body properly again! Short, intense workouts will help you lower your body fat than long, moderate ones.

That is the quintessence of current training research. HIT or high intensity training or the HIIT workout method fuel the process of fat-to-muscle transformation more effectively than endurance training in the moderate heart rate range.

2. Lower body fat with fiery spices

Cayenne pepper and chilli promote blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism and thus ensure better fat burning to reduce body fat.

Actually logical, after all, we often break out in a sweat just thinking about spicy food. Incidentally, ginger is also considered a good fat burner.

3. Belly wraps against body fat

Targeted body wraps pull the tissue together and get the metabolism going – abdominal wraps with cinnamon or ice are particularly effective: tissue toxins are thereby loosened and transported away – three centimeters in circumference can disappear for a short time and give you a good feeling! That is how it goes:

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Put ice cubes in a plastic bread bag. Mix the cinnamon powder with a little water to a pulp, spread on the stomach. Place the ice cube bag on top.

Wrap the fuselage with foil and fix the bag in this way. Then put a larger towel around your body.

Algae wraps are also effective, they dehydrate and stimulate the fat metabolism. To do this, mix 100 g algae powder (e.g. from the pharmacy) with water and distribute the porridge evenly on the stomach. Wrap in cling film, then let it work for 30 to 45 minutes.

4. Lose body fat with green tea

Catechins for fat oxidation, the polyphenol epigallocatechin gall for reduced food intake in the intestine, plus a stomach-cleansing and digestive effect: four to five cups of green tea a day help you reduce body fat.

5. Lose body fat while sleeping

If we don’t sleep enough, our body produces too little growth hormone (good for the muscles) and too little satiety hormone leptin (consequence: we have more appetite in the morning).

In general, we also burn more calories at night if we manage to increase our muscle mass. And reducing body fat also means: rest after exertion – slim in your sleep!

6. Vegetables instead of pasta also reduce body fat

It doesn’t have to be the green diet, where you only eat green vegetables and mung beans for 40 days. But more vegetables and fewer potatoes, pasta, and rice definitely help reduce body fat.

The ketogenic diet or low-carb diet are good kick-offs. Please don’t overdo it! In the long run, these diets are unhealthy.