A Useful Guide to Credit Cards

Guide to Credit Cards

There are a lot of different types of credit cards as well as a very wide array of programs. To help cut through the confusion all the choices can bring, this guide to credit cards was created. From learning how they work, to getting the one that will be best for you and paying off … Read more

What is Interest Rate in Simple Terms?

Interest Rate in Simple Terms

Interest is the amount or price that a person pays for the transitory use of funds of another person. The interest can also mean the payment which a person receives when they give up their willingness to spend money temporarily and lend their money to be used by a loan lending agency such as banks. … Read more

Budget? I’m Unemployed – what Budget?

Maintaining a budget is difficult under normal circumstances, but trying to balance your checkbook, compute your finances, and make ends meet when you’re unemployed is definitely a challenge. If you were financially savvy when you had a job (that leaves me out) you might already have a budget in place that you can live with … Read more